Thursday, March 19, 2009

Remember me??

Hey gang…sorry it has been awhile. I have new virus protection on my computers and it will NOT let me log into my blog. If any of you have a clue how to fix it, please let me know! (I'm on a friends' pc now)

Anyway…much has been going on. I have been CRAZY busy prepping for our mission trip. On Saturday we are taking 94 folks across the border to build a few homes in San Felipe Mexico. It should be a great week, and we would covet your prayers.

I have been discovering much lately. I discovered that possibly there IS a band worse than Rascal Flatts and they are called SUGARLAND. I discovered Americans are REALLY silly for mouthing off that our president took 15 whole minutes to fill out a bracket….apparently now the free world will collapse! I learned that a really funny movie is hard to find anymore. I discovered the joys of eating the culinary delight known as CHILI RELLENOS! I discovered that I am addicted to blogging and really miss it!

Anywho…I pray to get my laptop fixed and I will then update it from the Baja…if not, have a great Spring Break folks and I'll see ya soon!

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