Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rain Dancing

Last weekend our family at W Main celebrated with the Harvest Festival. It was a nice of fun, food and fellowship. There were all kinds of good food and drinks. We collected canned goods for Christmas baskets, caught up with dear friends, and enjoyed life.

It was an outdoor event. And this always makes for an adventure in an Oregon autumn. The rain season was late coming this year, but it decided that Saturday night, when the W. Main Family was gathered outdoors would be the perfect time to commence the downfall! J The main entertainment for the evening was a delightful band of musicians known as "The Old Time Fiddlers" who were gonna' strum and pick away and teach us all the fine arts of square and line dancing.

So, as you can deduce, the potential for a problem was glaring in our faces. How do we dance and enjoy when the rain is coming down? It would have been quite easy to simply say "well, the food was good. But the rains have washed away all hopes of entertainment." But that would not fly with this group! We are OREGONIANS! We laugh in the face of precipitation. We scoff at the word "rain-out". And we would not be defeated!

After a few notes drifted into the crisp and wet air, a few of our beautiful children began to dance. The joy was evident in their faces. This proved to be infectious, as before you could snap your overalls, a huge line had formed and the formal dancing had begun. For the next hour or two the crowd continued to grow as we danced and do-si-do'd around in the puddles. There was clapping, hooting, and MUCH laughing. It was a true blast. WE were having so much fun together. It was AWESOEM to see that a little adversity could not kill the good time.

This is also how we are to approach our walks with Christ. We were never promised easy living. There will be tough times. But, if we allow a little rain to keep us from "dancing" we will surely miss out on the blessings and memories! May we live a faith that is not afraid of adversity, and that does not give up.

Go dance in the rain!
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Politics of religion

I am baffled by something I have seen lately. It seems that when myself or someone else posts something about our faith, or God on Facebook, no one ever really comments much. No one cares enough to say anything. BUT…if anything is posted at all about politics or any differing social opinions, then people go nuts! I can state a belief about a company who systematically abuses human rights and folks cannot keep quiet. They may even begin attacking one another. But, if I state my love for Christ….it is mostly silent? I’ve been trying to figure out why this is. Does anyone have any answers? Are we that afraid of new ideas? Are we that scared to let others have a different opinion? Are we all insecure? Or, is it maybe that politics have become our real religion? Maybe all that “Jesus stuff” is cool for Sundays, but what we really are passionate about and want to spread as "gospel" is political ideas and agendas?????? I have no clue. I think we all may be guilty here. What do you guys think?

I think maybe we put way too much trust in our country,our leaders, and our political parties. Maybe we should call on God for our security rather than systems of men a little more! Maybe we should all pray for our leaders rather than slander them. Nothing in this world will last and nothing in this world offers salvation. I fear that today, politics has become a form of religion. And we are all in danger of worshipping false idols. We seem to have totally forgotten about the sovereignty of God............who is good, all the time

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Golden Arches and Preservatives

My wife and I do not allow our family to ever partake in the pseudo-food known as McDonalds. My kids have never had a Happy meal. Some say this is cruel and denying them their basic childhood rights. I say it is actually protecting them! if you want to know why you should also join us in this thought process regarding the Golden Arches, then read this article. WOW! That is NOT food!


IPOD Shuffle

Here was the mix this morning in the office. See if you like any of it?

ID Engager- Of Montreal
While We Wait for Others- Grizzly Bear
Oh No- Andrew Bird
I Was a Lover- TV on the Radio
The Old Days- Dr Dog
ragged Wood- Fleet Foxes
I Turn My Camera On- Spoon
Never Had Nobody Like You- M Ward
Tears of Gold- Ryan Adams
Massive Nights- The Hold Steady
Lucky- Radiohead
Big Trucks- Pedro the Lion
You Got Me Rockin- Rolling Stones
Confetti- The Lemonheads
Top Yourself- The Raconteurs
Masters of War- Bob Dylan
One- U2
Off The Record- My Morning Jacket
Spirit Fall- Phil wickham
Our House- Madness

good stuff.....

Monday, October 11, 2010

BUSY weekend: Soccer, Mountains and Mr Darcy

It was a fantastic weekend. We had a LOT of fun together as a family....except when Nana had to leave to return to her home in Memphis. Let me share a few snapshots with you:
Merrick started soccer! It was simply the cutest thing you have EVER seen. Here are some shots right before her first practice
Her brother was "teaching her how to play"

Saturday Jude had a morning game. It was VERY exciting. They got down 3-0 quickly but stormed back to tie it at 5-5. Jude scored an amazing goal! After that Merrick's self named team "The Princess Hearts" had their first game! It was SO SO SO SO cute. I only had 3 players, so they had to play the ENTIRE game. They did SO good. I was so shocked at their little aggressive natures (through smiles and giggles of course). They tied 3-3 and Merrick scored a goal!!!

Then Sunday I decided it was time the kids climbed up their first hike! So I took my 2 oldest and the youth group up Table Rock. I was VERY proud. they did a great job!
"We have to get up THERE Dad?"
Being a boy has advantages!
On the trail!

The weekend ended that night with Jessie and I catching a wonderful performance of "Pride & Prejudice" at the internationally acclaimed Shaekespeare Festival in Ashland, OR. It was great.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

More bad press.....LET'S THINK

Read these:


I just wish sometimes we would stop and think before reacting. These COULD have been good conversations where folks could share their ideas, beliefs and desires and maybe everyone could have learned something. Instead, the nation gets more reasons to attack Christians. May we all really take the Biblical command to be quick to listen and slow to speak a little more serious!