Monday, October 18, 2010

Politics of religion

I am baffled by something I have seen lately. It seems that when myself or someone else posts something about our faith, or God on Facebook, no one ever really comments much. No one cares enough to say anything. BUT…if anything is posted at all about politics or any differing social opinions, then people go nuts! I can state a belief about a company who systematically abuses human rights and folks cannot keep quiet. They may even begin attacking one another. But, if I state my love for Christ….it is mostly silent? I’ve been trying to figure out why this is. Does anyone have any answers? Are we that afraid of new ideas? Are we that scared to let others have a different opinion? Are we all insecure? Or, is it maybe that politics have become our real religion? Maybe all that “Jesus stuff” is cool for Sundays, but what we really are passionate about and want to spread as "gospel" is political ideas and agendas?????? I have no clue. I think we all may be guilty here. What do you guys think?

I think maybe we put way too much trust in our country,our leaders, and our political parties. Maybe we should call on God for our security rather than systems of men a little more! Maybe we should all pray for our leaders rather than slander them. Nothing in this world will last and nothing in this world offers salvation. I fear that today, politics has become a form of religion. And we are all in danger of worshipping false idols. We seem to have totally forgotten about the sovereignty of God............who is good, all the time

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