Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jude United

Jude played his last soccer game today. He was fantastic! In 4 games, he led all players with 11 goals...not that I am bragging :).....

I am sure it will be a little harder when a goalie is involved. Here are some short clips:

Friday, May 22, 2009

Merr bear!

Last night, Merrick had her preschool program...she was of course are a few clips from it (soory abou the resolution)"

and my personal fave:

Free Music Friday

I know I have posted them before, but I cannto help it again. It seems that for some strange reason, they are all I feel like listening to lately. I am SO looking forward to seeing them live this Summer! Ladies, & gents, bottles and cans.....that Avett Brothers:

Merrick-----the great Chicken Herder

I love this video.....hope you'll enjoy:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wild Weekend

I cannot even begin to try and tell you everything we squeezed into one weekend. It was truly insane. But, we survived. It included 4 meetings, a new preacher prospect in town, a soccer game (in which Jude scored another 3 goals), a wedding, cooking for 60, bbq-ing for 45 youth, a summer intern gettign into town...shall I go on?

Anyway....this week is a little slower I hope. Here are some pics of the crazy fun.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Free Music Friday

Have you guys heard of Bishop Allen? They are a great little indie band from Brooklyn. Justin Rice and Christian Rudder are teh core with everyone else kinda' rotating in and out. You should mos def check them is a wonderful song called "Rain"

Hope you enjoy:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big Boy!

twas big DAY today. Jude lost his 1st tooth while at school! how exciting! Here he is sporting his new look:


Monday, May 11, 2009

City Boy

When my wife and I met, I was as much of a “city boy” as possible. Concrete and asphalt were my “fields”. The great outdoors amounted to maybe some time outside playing wiffleball for me. The word country perplexed me.

When she 1st took me home to meet her family on the farm, as far removed from any semblance to city as possible, she actually made me flashcards to help distinguish between a bull and cow, hen and rooster, combine and lawn mower etc......I kid you not my friends.

Fast forward some 12 years. I make no assumptions that the city is fully out of me, but my oh my how I have changed. I have 10 chickens at home (4 we have raised from chicks!). I have a garden. I actually enjoy getting dirty. I like to hike. I even have been hunting (I use that term lightly). This week found me running a tiller, composting chicken waste and cleaning up the aftermath of a fight between a hen and sheet of fly paper (it’s a great story if you have the time). It is amazing how I have changed. For those who know the before and after Pannell, the changes are amazing. If I can change…............anyone can.

As summer approaches, I imagine there will be many ministries for you to serve in at your church. VBS needs workers, as does Camp. You can chaperone teens on a few trips. You can host home Bible studies. Maybe you could speak on a Sunday night for the 1st time. There will be a need for new teachers. It is umlimitged what can be done.

Maybe you have always thought about these opportunities but find you saying: These just aren’t me. I can’t teach. I don’t know how to publicly speak. I can’t relate to teens. Camping sounds miserable. I can’t find the time”……….and the list goes on. I have said them all! But, let me encourage you: YOU CAN CHANGE! I am excited about the calendar for the next few months here at my home congregation. This summer is as good a time as ever to turn over a new leaf and try something new. You can do it! I encourage you to trust in the Lord and listen to the Spirit. If you think maybe it is time to try something new, then it is time!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Free music Friday

Today is a fun offering. I have been listening to a lot of Pavement lately. This morning I heard their song "Spit on a Stranger". This of course eventually led me to think of Nickel Creek and their excellent cover of the song. This led me to think of seeing them live last summer and the great Britney Spears cover they you go: Nickel Creek & "Toxic"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Death By Water

I read the strangest and saddest story this morning. Somewhere in CA, a young mother of several kids was found dead at home. She was not sick, and was not murdered. The cause of death: WATER INTOXICATION.

Thinking this to be a joke, I looked it up, and this is real….although very rare. What happens is that your body’s normal level of electrolytes is pushed outside of safe limits from a rapid intake of too much water. If water enters the body more quickly than it can be removed, the electrolyte levels can become potentially dangerous.

The young lady had partaken earlier that day in a local radio contest to win a Nintendo Wii. The person who could drink the most water without using the restroom won the system. She was playing to win the system for her kids.

What a sad and senseless tragedy! No one involved meant harm. No one was trying to put anyone at risk. I would imagine, no one even knew that there was the potential for such loss. After all…it was water…the “healthy drink”! Yet…someone still lost a life.

Kinda’ scary, is it not? Without meaning too, this person put her life in danger, and ultimately paid the cost.

I wonder how many times I have done the same thing? True, I may not being addicted to drugs, or living in crime, but am I guilty of participating in things that put my life and more so, my soul in danger? Do I dabble in little “minor sins” but consider them “safe” enough not to worry? When, in reality, I am endangering myself daily…and setting myself up for death!

The truth is, God does not classify sins on a danger level. There are no classes and subclasses. Every Christian flirts with disaster daily! Because we forget that god DID give us clear directives. He set a standard that we often fail to remember.

In Ephesians we are told to “be imitators of God”, and to live lives with “NOT EVEN A HINT” OF IMPURITY.

I know that I do not even come close to that standard, and as such, I daily place myself in grave danger. I am not a pessimist. I am not a bad news harbinger. I am not a fire and brimstone preacher. But I am real. God called us to live in certain ways, and by choosing to ignore this, I can put myself more in harm’s way.

Watch out…….stand on guard. Follow God’s way….and be careful. If you choose to partake of too much water, may it be LIVING WATER of salvation!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"She's Out Back Counting Stars..."

In the car this morning I heard a commercial I hadn’t since I was a kid. The Star Registry was advertising that you could “buy a star” for someone you loved. Apparently they send you a map of some type, you pick a yet “unnamed star” and for a small fee you get to name that star for someone special. That’s right, then from here to eternity that star “belongs” to them.

I remember as a child thinking how cool this sounded! I also remember as a teen thinking how goofy this sounded. Today I had a new thought: How arrogant this sounded! Who is man that we think we have the right to claim a star? Who are we to stake ownership in the infinite creation of God? How arrogant to think we can map the stars, yet alone name them.

Only God can make such a claim. Psalm 147:4 says “He counts the number of the stars; He gives names to all of them.” DO you know how big that is? In 1993 scientists said that there were 70 sextillion stars in the visible universe, or some 70 thousand million million million. That's a 7 followed by 22 zeros! And those are just the ones within range of our telescopes.

Can you grasp that? We serve a HUGE God. SO big in fact that he actually knows the number of stars and has each named! That puts everything in perspective for me. There are days when I feel so small. There are times I feel alone. There are times that we all feel helpless. But we should not! The God and creator of the stars also knows OUR name and stand behind us, holding us up and pressing us forward.

Next time you look into the heavens on a clear Oregon night. As you gaze upon the North Star, the Big Dipper or even Orion, remember who put them there. Remember who named them. Remember how big your God is. And then, remember that he is right there beside you, in your life, and in your heart.

Stars lookin at our planet watching entropy and pain
And maybe start to wonder how the chaos in our lives could pass as sane
I've been thinking bout the meaning of resistance, of a hope beyond my own
And suddenly the infinite and penitent begin to look like home
But when I look at the stars,
when I look at the stars,
when I look at the stars I see someone else
When I look at the stars,
the stars, I feel like myself
- Switchfoot

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Week In Review

The last week or so has been WONDERFUL. My wife kicked it off LAST weekend with a special "childfree" date day last weekend complete with a massage, a walk through J-Ville, Gelato and lumch at our fave place....oh yeah, and 2 tickets to see Elvis Costello! We also had a group party with some dear friends. 3 of my best buddies and I all have birthdays very close so we had a great evening together.

Today saw my studly nephews' 1st birthday. He was a joy to watch and I praise God
for his 1st year...trials and all. Unfortunately we had to leave early for Jude's 1st ever sports game! And it turns and he agree! They may not have won, but he dominated on offense with the ball. He also made 2 sliding saves on goal that were Sportscenter worthy! :)

Let me add my favorite quote of the week also:
When I asked my beautiful daughter Merrick what her favorite thing about herself was she replied with "My I can smell donuts with".... awesome

So...enjoy a few pics of our life: