Monday, May 11, 2009

City Boy

When my wife and I met, I was as much of a “city boy” as possible. Concrete and asphalt were my “fields”. The great outdoors amounted to maybe some time outside playing wiffleball for me. The word country perplexed me.

When she 1st took me home to meet her family on the farm, as far removed from any semblance to city as possible, she actually made me flashcards to help distinguish between a bull and cow, hen and rooster, combine and lawn mower etc......I kid you not my friends.

Fast forward some 12 years. I make no assumptions that the city is fully out of me, but my oh my how I have changed. I have 10 chickens at home (4 we have raised from chicks!). I have a garden. I actually enjoy getting dirty. I like to hike. I even have been hunting (I use that term lightly). This week found me running a tiller, composting chicken waste and cleaning up the aftermath of a fight between a hen and sheet of fly paper (it’s a great story if you have the time). It is amazing how I have changed. For those who know the before and after Pannell, the changes are amazing. If I can change…............anyone can.

As summer approaches, I imagine there will be many ministries for you to serve in at your church. VBS needs workers, as does Camp. You can chaperone teens on a few trips. You can host home Bible studies. Maybe you could speak on a Sunday night for the 1st time. There will be a need for new teachers. It is umlimitged what can be done.

Maybe you have always thought about these opportunities but find you saying: These just aren’t me. I can’t teach. I don’t know how to publicly speak. I can’t relate to teens. Camping sounds miserable. I can’t find the time”……….and the list goes on. I have said them all! But, let me encourage you: YOU CAN CHANGE! I am excited about the calendar for the next few months here at my home congregation. This summer is as good a time as ever to turn over a new leaf and try something new. You can do it! I encourage you to trust in the Lord and listen to the Spirit. If you think maybe it is time to try something new, then it is time!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Brian, I remember quite well the city boy Jessie showed up with at our house and her confessing that she had made you "flash cards". I truly wondered about you, and her for choosing you. I too have changed. I see now the goodness that she could see in you. And I'm so grateful that she invested time in that wonderful man. Love, Mama Rose

Anonymous said...

I have no words. I miss that old boy some days but love the new one as well. I just miss my brother.