Monday, August 31, 2009

Filled with passion and overwhelming love.....boatloads of love

This weekend we went to see the Avett Brothers in concert. If you aren’t a fan yet…please do yourself a favor and become one quickly. And if you have never been blessed to see them live…find the nearest show and proceed directly to the ticket line! It was UNREAL!

I have NEVER seen such energy. These guys literally gave it EVERYTHING they had. They were drenched in sweat. They poured their souls out until exhausted. Their music WAS them. It was the air they breathed and the food they ate. Watching them you knew that MUSIC WAS ALL THEY WERE ABOUT. You felt their passion, and were moved and touched by it. You left there with no questions about their authenticity, passion or love for their art. They were 100% sold out for their love.

It got me thinking…….WHAT IF WE LIVED LIKE WITH OUR FAITH??? How would THAT “leave the crowds” feeling”?? What if I lived in such passion? What if I lived in such a way that folks could SEE what I was about. That the world had no clue what my life was devoted to.

AS we left my wife made a comment something along these lines: “You could tell those guys HAD to play music. They just couldn’t help it. I bet if you asked them a question, they’d have to sing you the answer, because it is so much a part of them they cannot hold it in.”

How cool if folks could say that about my love for Christ. “Brian just HAS to love Jesus. He cannot help but talk about it!”

Those boys are sold out to their music. I want to be sold out to my savior!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Free Music Friday

My sugarcane brother turned me on to these guys about a year ago. It took awhile, but I am a total sold out fan now! Tommorow I get to experience their live show for the 1st is a famous show full of energy!

For you poor suckers who will not be sitting on a blanket with me, just 3 feet from the band.......I hope this will satisfy:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Old Voices

I went to college with this young lady. I recently found out she was a singer/songwriter in Nashville. I found her on youtube (in the 1st song listen for the reference to Harding). I really like her voice and it sounds as if she's quite the lyricist as well. Enjoy, Kaci Bolls:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Father/Son campout

We had our annual campout for daddies and sons last night! A great tiem was had by all. My son is SUCH A SWEET SOUL....I pray that never changes

Check out some pics:


Friday, August 21, 2009

Elvis!free tunes friday

tommorow....I get to see the man live!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

High Five

My dad just said to my son "Give me five" and held out his right hand. Here is why that is so funny:


Monday, August 17, 2009

The Monday Mix

Another exercise in vanity…but here are the 1st 20 songs my Itunes played this morning……..wouldn’t life just suck without Music?????

1- Never Had Nobody- M. Ward
2- Sunshine- G Love
3- In the Aeroplane Over the Sea- Neutral Milk Hotel
4- Just Another- Pete Yorn
5- Car Wreck- The Devil Makes Three
6- See These Bones- Nada Surf
7- The Sweets- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8- Fishermen’s Blues- The Waterboys
9- 99 to Life- Social Distortion
10- Sounds of Science- Beastie Boys
11- Changing Partners- Elvis Costello
12- Heaven- Jars of Clay
13- I’m Not Crazy- Suicidal Tendencies
14- Close to Me- The Cure
15- End of the Road- Eddie Vedder
16- It’s a Shame About Ray- The Lemonheads
17- 15 Keys- Uncle Tupelo
18- Body Rock- Moby
19- Hallelujah Chorus- The Nobility
20- Like a Friend- Pulp

Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Music Friday

I am trying to slow down and get back to posting stuff again. I want to share with you a beautiful version of a song that always rocked my core. Pearl Jam's live acoustic version of "Off He Goes" from one of the amazing Bridge School benefit shows.
It's a tune about a friend who pops in and out of your life and loving them regardless...even when you want to hate them.
I KNOW you will enjoy:

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Least of These

Last weekend was interesting. It was Sunday which means church, general busyness and a general longing for football season. But this week was to be different. There is a young couple, mid twenties who are basically homeless from our church neighborhood. I have helped them with food on several occasions. This week they paid a visit and brought guests.
A man from the congregation came and got me from the sermon. It was actually quite funny to see his face (considering the conservative nature and general lack of social skill of this fella). “Um” he said, “there are some people here asking for you”. As I walked out, I saw the 2 I knew with 2 strangers. They were dirty and soaking wet (as the previous evening had put them in a rare OR thunderstorm outside sleeping). One of the new guys was shirtless, which of course stood out in a foyer of a church of Christ on a Sunday morning. Someone had brought some veggies from their home garden to church to pass out and the 4 visitors were gnawing on raw cucumbers like they were candy! Their hunger was unabashedly apparent.
Turns out these 2 guests were just kids. Brothers of 17 and 13 living on the streets alone, and my friends had taken to looking out for them. Their story was tragic. Their mother had recently served a 2 yr prison service and once out and clean had move them up here from NoCal for a new start. She did well for a year and then slid back into addiction. Her new descent into meth had been atrocious and she didn’t even know who here kids were, kicking them out in a rage. They could not go to the youngests' father because he had OD’d on drugs 4 months before. For 2 nights they sought refuge in the older kids;’ fathers home, but that ended when he came home in a drunken rage and a violent fight ended with them on the street. They sometimes found a friend to give them a couch. Other nights they sought shelter in city parks. They wanted to know if we had any cash for a hotel room for shower and food.
This day I could not say no. We left church and went to a nearby park so they could get their blankets and sweatshirts from under a bench. My friend Jared helped me transport the 4 folks and 1 dog. We took them to Carl’s Jr. and I have never seen a kid eat like that. They were starving. We then got them a room for 2 nights at a cheap local motel, and cooler of groceries.. The boys were sweet. They were world weary and had trouble looking you in the eyes…understandably. But I was struck to the core that they were KIDS, still. They loved cars and bikes. They loved each other, and they longed for an adult to love them.
I had them come back to church that night for the potluck. Again they ate like they hadn’t in weeks. This time they opened a little more. Some of my teens came over and talked to them a little. A few adults who knew the story were engaging them. They even played a few games with the whole family. They left that night and both gave me big hugs thanking for the help.
That night I could not sleep. What do you do for these kids? And there are 100 more just like them around the corner! Did the shelter and food really help? Should I do more? Less? I was so confused. Why does their even have to be folks like that? Why do I get a nice house? Why are my pantries full? I still struggle for answers. Do you guys have any? What is our call here? What do we do?
Sadly, the kids split after trying to sneak friends into their room. I was not mad. They don’t understand boundaries. They are kids, and have never been taught anything. I have searched for them. I am praying for them. And I sincerely hope I helped a little. Let’s all pray for the hungry, hurting and helpless. And let us be like Jesus….

Homeless kids sleeping on the Streetin Costa Rica Pictures, Images and Photos