Monday, August 31, 2009

Filled with passion and overwhelming love.....boatloads of love

This weekend we went to see the Avett Brothers in concert. If you aren’t a fan yet…please do yourself a favor and become one quickly. And if you have never been blessed to see them live…find the nearest show and proceed directly to the ticket line! It was UNREAL!

I have NEVER seen such energy. These guys literally gave it EVERYTHING they had. They were drenched in sweat. They poured their souls out until exhausted. Their music WAS them. It was the air they breathed and the food they ate. Watching them you knew that MUSIC WAS ALL THEY WERE ABOUT. You felt their passion, and were moved and touched by it. You left there with no questions about their authenticity, passion or love for their art. They were 100% sold out for their love.

It got me thinking…….WHAT IF WE LIVED LIKE WITH OUR FAITH??? How would THAT “leave the crowds” feeling”?? What if I lived in such passion? What if I lived in such a way that folks could SEE what I was about. That the world had no clue what my life was devoted to.

AS we left my wife made a comment something along these lines: “You could tell those guys HAD to play music. They just couldn’t help it. I bet if you asked them a question, they’d have to sing you the answer, because it is so much a part of them they cannot hold it in.”

How cool if folks could say that about my love for Christ. “Brian just HAS to love Jesus. He cannot help but talk about it!”

Those boys are sold out to their music. I want to be sold out to my savior!

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