Thursday, November 25, 2010

Exciting Week

Well, we got a surprise snow for a few hours, so the kids lived it up while they could!

Then, on Tuesday Merrick went to bed with a normal mouth of teeth. 30 minutes into the supposed slumber she called out to me alarmed. It turns out she had suddenly discovered that her tooth was loose. That was an understatement, it was SUPER loose! By mid breakfast the next day, the tooth was gone! Notice how I think teh tooth fairy accidentally gave a five instead of a one :)!


Thanksgiving List

Things that I am thankful for (in no particular order, most of the time):

A Savior who loves me regardless, and died for me
A beautiful wife who makes my life better
3 AMAZING kids
DVR television
My mom, who’s sacrificed SO much for my life
Good books
My church family
Good friends
Annual hunting trips
Mumford & Sons
Houses with heat
Nice shoes
Clean water
My wife’s lasagna, and her tomato soup
My little sisters and their lovely families
My kids’ teachers
My youth group
In-laws whom I love
Kaleidescope Pizza
Traveling with my wife
Pearl Jam
Flip flops
FIFA 2011 on PS3
The Bible
Funny movies
The Avett Brothers
Harry Potter
The internet & email
Our trampoline
Shane Claiborne’s “Jesus for President”
My wife’s convictions
Good flannel shirts
My green vest
Keen Shoes
The Beatles
Watching my kids play soccer
Cell phones
Music in general
Good lyrics
The sun
Medford, OR
Fake Christmas trees
A co-worker who’s a friend
Sour Patch kids
And much much more…………

Thursday, November 11, 2010

School's Out

School is out today, and Jessie has hurt her back, so today was DADDY DAY! This morning we had SO much fun. We played a game where Jude and I were bad guys who kept fighting. Eventually in the fight he lost a tooth:
Merrick and Haddie were police ladies who broke us up. Turns out they were actually fairies in training trying to earn their wings through bravery! They were twin sisters named Rusella and Stella. They took me to a fairy hospital where Stella worked dilegently on bandaging my broken arm:
Rusella then decided that my ribs were gravely injured and the only way I could ever heal would be by the magic of fairy song. It was actually beautiful. Enjoy:

We are now hanging out in the den, waiting to go see Megamind 3D. It is a good day.