Thursday, March 19, 2009

Remember me??

Hey gang…sorry it has been awhile. I have new virus protection on my computers and it will NOT let me log into my blog. If any of you have a clue how to fix it, please let me know! (I'm on a friends' pc now)

Anyway…much has been going on. I have been CRAZY busy prepping for our mission trip. On Saturday we are taking 94 folks across the border to build a few homes in San Felipe Mexico. It should be a great week, and we would covet your prayers.

I have been discovering much lately. I discovered that possibly there IS a band worse than Rascal Flatts and they are called SUGARLAND. I discovered Americans are REALLY silly for mouthing off that our president took 15 whole minutes to fill out a bracket….apparently now the free world will collapse! I learned that a really funny movie is hard to find anymore. I discovered the joys of eating the culinary delight known as CHILI RELLENOS! I discovered that I am addicted to blogging and really miss it!

Anywho…I pray to get my laptop fixed and I will then update it from the Baja…if not, have a great Spring Break folks and I'll see ya soon!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Public Enemy Number One

PLEASE explain this to me………..

I was unhappy with the hire from day one. We needed a DEFENSIVE whiz, not a cocky "next big thing" offense star. Yet, I tried to be happy.


Then the Cutler crap. REALLY?!?!?!?!? Cassell is an adequate back-up…..I mean he couldn't beat out Leinart at USC, yes…the same Leinart that rides the pine in Arizona. Cutler, is young, but incredible and untapped potential. Pro bowler in his 3rd year! Then it was rumored McDaniels even threw out a 1st round pick with Cutler for Cassell?????????


Now….Tony Scheffler. A legiot downfield threat with great hands and a fave target of Cutler. His claim "my offense does not use tight ends".


Great job retooling a top 3 offense……WORK ON THAT SORRY defense.


Let's get Buckhalter and Jordan…yeah injury prone RB's will help us tackle our opponents! J


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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mix Up Monday

Music makes the weary Mondays was the last 15 on shuffle...sweet bliss:

Amsterdam- Guster
Lengthwise- Phish
Love is Strong- Rolling Stones
Never Tear Us Apart- INXS
Leaving 99- Audio Adrenaline
Quiet Wonder- Don Chaffer
A Day in the Life- The Beatles
Charlie Darwin- The Low Anthem
Shame- Avett Brothers
Church on Time- Ben Harper & Blind Boys of Alabama
Monty Got a Raw Deal- REM
Soma- The Strokes
Immortality- Pearl Jam
These Arms of Mine- Otis Redding
Young Pilgrims- The Shins