Monday, November 16, 2009

Kick out the jams

The I-home is kicking out the jams this morning! Check this out:
Letter to Elise- The Cure
Yellow- Coldplay
One Man Show- Polyphonic Spree
Dimension- Wolfmother
The Transfiguration- Sufjan Stevens
What Do I Have to Do?- Violent Femmes
Warehouse- Dave Matthews band
Crooked Teeth- Death Cab for Cutie
Head Lights on Dark Roads- Snow Patrol

Friday, November 13, 2009

Free Music Friday

for many many years, The Lemonheads have been one of my favorite bands. I love the deadpan delivery of the deep voiced supermodel of lead singer Evan Dando. I love the punk attitude and pop delivery. Some of their mid 90's albums are amongst my personal faves of all time!

So, here is a Lemonheads ditty for you today! It is called "The Outdoor Type" and details the lengths a man will lie to impress a gal!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tis the Season

I just saw the new Disney version of “A Christmas Carol”. It was a visually stunning and wildly entertaining film (though much too scary for young kids). While fun and exciting, what hit me the most was the theme of grace and giving that was whispered throughout its’ entirety. Above all the razzle and dazzle of the 3D technology, what stood out was the moral, Godly message in the film.
One poignant scene sang an awe inspiring rendition of “Hark The Herald Angels Sing,” as the ghost of Christmas Present took Scrooge to the pinnacle of a church to hover over the cross as he explains the beauty and depth of what the season really means with the lyrics of our Savior’s birth, and Jesus being our King clearly in the forefront!
Another scene of impact showed the Ghost of Christmas Present tell Scrooge that many “men of the cloth” who “claim Christmas” actually know nothing of its real meaning. And then, Scrooge discovers two impoverished and creepy children, named “Ignorance and Want” living under the ghost's robes. The spirit tells him they belong to Man but are foolishly associated with Christmas. A message reminding us of the commercialization ands greed culture would have us believe this season is about.
I believe firmly these times are ALL about giving and loving. Jesus taught us to love this way over and over. And this time of year, more than any other we are given the chance to do so openly! I was reminded that although we may be struggling more this year than Christmases past, there is so much more to Christmas than just material items! And of course we were reminded it is always better to give than receive, even if the only gift you can give is love! Giving to others is truly what our faith is all about.
I am proud to serve in a church that lives these principles out! It is my humble prayer that this year we remember that giving truly is the greatest blessing. May we live the call of our savior to serve the “least of these” on this earth. And may God be blessed by our actions!

Ignorance and Want Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Michi Mac Turns 40!

We had a blowout for our dear friend Michele's 40th b-day! We had an 80's themed dance at RedRock Pizza. It was SO fun! Check out the like totally radical pictures:
Material Girl
Jessie with the girl from Napoleon Dynamite
"She's my apple pie"
The rebirth of cool
Hannah MichTana
Me and some dirty biker
Me and some NKOTB Groupie
Don Johnson and date
Party Time
Toasting the guest of honor
"Crazy For You"
Backstage party
Is that Wham!?
Man he can dance
This works for them
We're too sexy
Me and the band
Girls just wanna' have fun

Friday, November 6, 2009

Oak Grove R.O.M.

Ladies and gents, you are looking at he Oak Grove Elementary "Ram of the Month"!!!!


Mema came to visit!!!

And boy how the kids are happy!!!!!!! Here are some lovely pics for you to enjoy:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Worship Idea

I recently heard worship compared to a High School pep rally. We look at our song leaders and worship leaders like the cheerleader pumping up the fans (who are us of course ), to go and win the big game (aka…live right lives, walk like Jesus etc.). The assemblies fulfill a particular purpose: to lead us on to victory! I remember thinking this was pretty accurate. I also remember thinking there is much right about this, but also much wrong! Is this really all worship is about?

The pep rally concept leaves the crowd with no real part to play. We can scream and shout, but we don’t get to take the action on the field. So, often times we think we have nothing to do with securing the victory. I don’t think this is correct. Without the screaming fans, a team would find it hard to win! A popular worship chorus says “Lord keep us from just signing and move us into action”, implying that “just singing” is not as important as the “work of faith” we will do after the pep rally is over. It is my belief that BOTH are equally important. The mission we are “cheering” about as well as the actual “cheers” we offer !There HAS to be balance. If worship is just the “fluff” of faith, the stuff we use to make us feel good, and push us to go do a good deed, then we’re missing the point! But if mission work is all that matters to us, we also lose. God calls us to both!

In worship we encounter the living God! We come face to face with the good news and are transformed. Without transformation our efforts are fruitless! In this presence we realize that only HE can change the world, and we line ourselves up with HIS mission. And in worship we are brought into community with each other. And after meeting God in worship and experiencing the good news we are compelled to act on our faith! It flows directly from worship and the 2 cannot be separated.

A true life of worship DOES NOT end with the singing. It also includes feeding the hungry, befriending the lonely and visiting the sick and incarcerated. Jesus says we meet him here too, in the faces of those we serve. In our actions, mission becomes worship!

I challenge us to live out worship on both fronts. In the pews together, and on the streets of our daily lives. We talk about worship and mission too often as 2 separate entities. No more! LIVE your worship, SING your worship and let God direct our paths!

(paraphrased from RELEVANT)