Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bronco Future

There is SO much heavy in my life right now. It's been a hard start to a new today I want to write about something TOTALLY brainless. I want to write about football...more specifically my beloved Broncos! I think the future is bright...IF we make good decisions. The 1st good decision was bringing Elway into the front office. This is already showing rewards. Then we got a coach. I am not sure if I think Fox was the BEST choice, but I think he is good, and will bring us some fire, defensive spark and integrity. Now......the next few months are key!

i think we could turn it around quickly. We have the coach in place. I believe that we have a QB who is raw, yet is a winner and WILL win. We have some great draft picks if we choose wisely, and add a few quality free friends we are looking at winning ways again!

Here are scenarios I would love: Tebow starts from the beginning and continually improves. We have the 2nd pick overall...I say none of this trading crap and use that sucker for a defensive stud! We have 2 second round picks! If we trade Kyle Orton we can get another 2nd round pick. We also already have 1 third round pick, 1 in the 6th and 7th also! that's a LOT of potential. I wouldn't even mind trading the oh so fragile Moreno for a 2nd round pick either!
Then we define priorities. That's easy....DEFENSE! We need a stud lineman to complement a healthy Elvis Dumervil. We need a stud linebacker to stop that hole in our run defense. We could use a cornerback and safety as well (though the talk of moving Chamo to safety has much promise I believe, and Syd'Quan Thompson and Parrish Cox have potential). With the 2bd pick we either take Da'Quan Powers or Nick Fairley...both studs and game changers. Second round we should get a safety (Deunta Williams?) Use the other for a quality lineman and corner. Many will be available. In the 3rd round get us a nose tackle! It's been YEARS since we had one with any presence.

We have several players we could lose in free agency: Marcus Thomas, Kevin Vickerson, Ryan McBean, Wesley Woodyard ad Champ Bailey. If I had a say I would say goodbye ot all but 2: Champ is a legend and deserves to stay and finish strong here, and Woodyard deserves to stay (he's a solid back up and special teams guy). When we get Elvis back...thats a HUGE boost. then I say look for some free agnet defensive vets to being along. Maybe a Richard Seymour, or Dhani Jones. What a botu some free agent O line fellas? Bring Ben Hamilton back? At wide receiver we have a great group of poayers, but I think we don't have a great tight end...especially not for catching passes. Bo Scaife is available....... :)

Keep Quinn as tebow's back up and sign a vet QB t aid Tebow's development like a Mark Brunell or Marc Bulger. DeAngelo Williams is a free agent and if healthy, he has a relationship with Fox...I love the guy...get him!

Well....I imagine NONE of this will happen...but writing it was therapy today. Let me know if any of you care at all :)

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Judd said...

yeah man, I think you are right on there. I didnt realize DeAngelo was a free agent, that would be awesome! I would take him in a second. He is fragile too, like Moreno but when healthy is tough to stop. I dont think he can be a featured back though, and really needed Jonathan Stewart to help him out. We would need another serviceable runner to take some carries (not buckhalter or the trash we picked up from the Pats). Maybe we use a second round pick on a big power back. With Tebow being such a raw passer, if we have multiple run options (speed with DeAngelo, power with a draft pick, and versatility of Tebow) we could be effective even with a sub par passing game. I agree that in time I think Tebow will be great.

Yes, defense is priority number 1 with drafting. I would love to get Fairley but have a feeling after his showing in the BCS game that the panthers will take him. We should also look at Patrick Peterson (DB from LSU). He is the next champ baily plus is an amazing special teams guy. We have seen how important that can be by looking at guys like Devin Hester. It will hurt quite a bit to loose champ (either this year to free agency or a few years to retirement). Getting his heir apparent would be nice, however we have more gaping holes on the D line. If we dont get fairley I would think about Peterson. Either way, we will be able to get an impact guy on D from either those 2 or Bowers from Clemson.

My main concern is whether or not Fox (and Elway) is sold on Tebow. It would be really annoying for them to not at least give him a shot to be the man. Lets be honest, I dont think we are going to be in contention next season...why not give him a shot? The worst that happens is we have another bad year and then draft Andrew Luck if Tebow bombs!!!