Monday, September 12, 2011

Soul Worms

I ‘m always learning. God is constantly teaching me. Many times, it’s from the mouth of my children. More often than not, it comes from my 6 yr old daughter Merrick. Have you noticed the web worm epidemic in the Valley? They are everywhere. These caterpillars nest in trees and then spin fine webs that take over a branch, and if left unattended, an entire tree. If left alone, they will eventually kill a tree! You can drive anywhere in the valley currently and you’ll see them everywhere! Yesterday in the car Merrick said these words: “Those webs are kinda’ tricky Daddy. Because when you look at them, they are actually quite beautiful, but REALLY, they are slowly killing everything”. I smiled, acknowledged her, and then bowed my head in the spiritual truth spoken from her tiny lips.
Isn’t that how the lies of sin work? Think about it. Sin, at it’s simplest form looks SO beautiful to us. If it didn’t, we would never struggle with it! On the surface, it looks SO lovely. It is shiny, and glamourous, and we can easily be fooled into thinking it is in fact “BEAUTIFUL”. But, if left unattended, it quickly takes over our entire lives, and before we even realize it, that which was once so beautiful has now killed us!
Satan is the father of lies. He is dying to deceive each and every one of us. But I have good news. God is TRUTH. And He wants to redeem us. The enemy came to kill, steal and destroy, but our God came to give us life abundant!!!
As I’ve researched how to deal with my worm problem, I’ve discovered that most of the time, if a tree is taken care of and ridded of these pests, it will recover. You and I are no different. We can recover too. We can turn around. We can get rid of our “infestations”, and God assures us that we can recover. But, we have to spot the problem first, and we have to get rid of it.
That is our prayer. May we all see the truth behind the lies like my daughter. May we all have the courage to get rid of it, and find the only true beauty in this world, which never deceives…the salvation of Jesus Christ.

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