Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Flicks

Hey guys....just a goofy fun post for you to waste 5 minutes of your life on. I LOVE Holiday movies........and have my personal faves. I will share them ONLY if not on this list. I thought you may enjoy this list of the top holiday movies....let me know if you agree...or if any essentials were left out! Be careful...turning on the TV to find these, you may have to wade through useless crap about steroids, another knocked up Spears, and Paris Hiltons new look........ YUCK.....but finding these classics WILL be worth it!


That is the WORST list ever!!!!!! Don't you hate it when folks try to be all indie street cool....and list CRAP! Please......what about the Christmas Story? Where is the Grinch? I mean really.....Metropolitan? Love Actually? Pieces of April? The Dead?................and CHILDREN OF MEN?!?!?!?!? (great flick but not CHRISTMAS)!

The top holiday flicks are left out....I loved Mr. Murray in Scrooged. Recently ELF has moved to the top of my list......and the #1 of all time: Christmas Vacation!
Christmas Vacation

So tell me, my loyal 2 readers.....what do you think?


jon zebedee said...

pieces of april would have to be my number one because of the way it deconstructs the imposition of relationships during the hoildays. mix that with a subplot of racial and caste struggles and you have the makings of a holiday classic.

sounds about right that ELF would be your number one. ibet will ferrell makes you pee your pants.

Hol&J said...

Hey, I found you from Jon Zebedee's blog. (This is his wife's sister.)

That list does stink. I haven't even heard of Pieces of April. (Maybe I'm in the dark.)

You named some of my favorites!

#1 is Christmas Vacation.
"Surprised Eddie? If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised than I am right now."

The the others change their order from year to year, Scrooged, The Grinch (the old one), Elf, Home Alone...

Ahh, fun.