Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friends are friends forever...

Two Sundays ago was a special day for us here. We got to visit with some very special friends. The Cash family was driving through on their “American tour” from Uganda. So, they stopped in Medford to see us and visit our church! It was awesome. In Uganda I fell deeply in love with Jeff, Cheryl,
Kinley, Alex, Isaac, and Silas. They are such a great family. Jeff is the most loyal and persevering servant I’ve ever met! He is fearless in his faith. What can I even say about Cheryl? The sweetest, most giving, encouraging, wise, amazing woman!! And throw into the mix four of the sweetest, most unassuming, unselfish, beautiful little creations of God….and you have the Cash family!
I knew, at least I hoped that I’d made friends for life. But, I did not expect to see them again for a LONG time! So when Jeff emailed me I was overjoyed! So they altered their plans to visit Medford, see my family and share with our church what God’s doing in Ft. Portal. It was a real blessing to the folks at W. Main. The teens really enjoyed the morning class. Many of them are still talking about it. Jeff shared his story of how he was called into missions, and he and Cheryl answered some questions!
For morning services it was a busy day at church. So the family patiently sat through a VERY long morning service! Afterwards we all went to eat at Roadhouse grill. I pray it was delicious to them. It was no Mountains of the Moon, but it’ll have to do! :) So we had a long lunch just eating and talking. Jess fell in love with them too. It really meant a lot to meet these folks she’d heard so much about! She has said that Cheryl and her could be the best of friends! After lunch the4y came to our house. The kids all played with power rangers and on the trampoline, and we adults fought off sleep and just visited.
That evening Jeff shared with the whole congregation. I still have not stopped hearing about what a blessing it was and just how much people wished he could’ve just “kept on preaching”.
I praise God to know such amazing people. I pray for them constantly. I pray for their work in a land riddled with dishonesty and darkness. I pray for their patience. I pray for their health and safety. I pray for their precious kids. I pray for their hearts and souls. And I pray a huge thanks they took the time to stop by and say hello.
Friends are amazing, and it truly is a small world in Jesus.

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