Thursday, April 23, 2009


Recently two events in the sporting world “rocked my world”. Many of you have already expressed your sympathies :) My favorite football team pulled a crazy move and traded my favorite player away. A player who just came off of an all star season and broke all kinds of team records. It was very sad to see him go. Chicago bears Jay cutler Pictures, Images and Photos
Then, the very next day news hit that my favorite College basketball team, one I had been following and in love with since I was 5 years old, had just lost their coach to another program. Along with it, he took 5 of the best recruits in the country and set the program back some 10 years!John Calipari Pictures, Images and Photos

These were bad news in my silly world! I was really upset over them. I actually felt worried and thought about it A LOT. But guess what happened over the next few days????? NOTHING! My life carried on as usual. The sun still shone. The stars did not fall from the sky, and my heart still beat :) Apparently, life is about more than hobbies and sports. Go figure ?

It was as if God was sending me a personal message: “You’re putting WAY too much priority on sports”. It seemed like He was warning me that I was teetering on the edge of idolatry. It really made me think. What things in our lives do we seem to place greater importance on than our faith? What do others think that I hold important?

So many times we find that schedules keep us busier than we like. We complain about it, but hey, “it is what it is” we say. My fear though is that sometimes we let things like schedules, jobs, sports, relationships, etc. take priority in our lives over our faith and relationship with God.

I think we need to stop every now and then and do a “priority inventory”. We need to ask questions like “What do I attend more than church?” “Where does my money go?” “What do I spend more time doing than reading the Bible or praying”?

As God’s children, our greatest calling is to take His light to the world. We are being watched. And the things that we place at the top of lives often speak more about who we are than the words we share. Let us make sure that we place our relationships with God at the top of every list we ever make!

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