Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reading for the birds........

So I just started reading THE BLUE PARAKEET by Scott McKnight. To many He is a controversial guy and this is a controversial book. SO far I really like. I have heard acquaintances chastise the book, claiming that he is trying to distort God’s truth, he is a heretic etc. It is his commentary on how we, as the saved of Jesus need to take a new fresh look at how we read, interpret and put into practice the word of God. His major point is that we all use a “pick and choose” method when reading it, and also employ that methodology when teaching and preaching it. He shows how we are too afraid to take honest looks at the fear of being called "liberal" or even "legalistic".
So, when he uses words, like “new look at reading” or “fresh approach”, many in the conservative circles, put up their dukes, circle the wagons, shut their ears and immediately pick up the stones. I guess I wonder why people are \afraid of questions. If we truly believe in the authority of God’s word, and that God is love and truth, why would we be afraid to entertain questions? There is a whole new world out there if we haven’t noticed, and new generations are getting turned way off by the church and its members. They call us hypocrites. They say we are simply nothing more than egotistical political pawns...and other such nasty things .
Maybe we should all examine our beliefs and the way we approach God’s word. Maybe we need to rip our souls open and expose the gritty honesty of what we believe and why. I, therefore, am excited to read further. Examine what he says, talk to God and listen for him to talk to me.
Any of you read this one? What ya’ think?
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