Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Next Jon Foreman?

My son Jude is 8. Three of his passions are: soccer, football, and music. He loves to sing while he bashes away sporadically at his drum kit. Now he has decided to venture into the world of lyrics. He decided it was more fun to rock out to his own songs rather than only cover others. He also decided his band would be loud, fast and Christian. I found some of his lyric sheets. Here is an excerpt of what he had written:

The Lord is the reason we are living
Oh Daddy
The cross is the most painful memory
Oh Daddy

RISE…whoa whoa……..
Let’s get it going, the stars all RISE
The dead from the grave all RISE
We all RISE …to worship Him
Our savior, our rock, our protector
So let’s RISE……
He is our life. He is our blood and refuge. EVERYONE EVERYONE EVERYONE
RISE!!!! (X3)

So……I am going to jump on board here and say this is AWESOME ☺


Becky Lee said...

That is impressive! Very powerful lyrics for someone so young.

Master Jude said...