Monday, February 6, 2012


Why is it that we Americans love British things? We like to pride ourselves on our freedom, but then we fall back into loving all things British. Many of us are “Britophiles” and will consume anything from our funny talking brothers. I mean how else can you explain The Spice Girls, or Russell Brand EVER getting a movie contract? ☺ I am pretty confident that I'm not the only fan of all things that come from over the pond. I love Brit Pop…ALL of it. I love English Premier League soccer games. I love Guy Ricthie movies. And as much as I hate to admit it…yes I love Downton Abbey………(that felt good to get that off my chest)

SO not too long ago, I was reading a British article, where Prince Charles hinted at his desire to get rid of fast food in the UK. He said “banning McDonald’s is THE key to a healthy lifestyle”. Good on ‘ya Prince! While I agree with the royalty of England and all the Morgan Spurlock’s of the world, and loathe the ridiculous “stuff” ol' Ronald tries to pass as food, I find this statement just a wee bit ridiculous.

To me it, it is a lazy statement and is indicative of one of our culture's biggest problems today. We like passing the buck, and blaming others! That is how we operate. It is so much easier to always be the victim. Seldom will we own up to our own mistakes and problems. It is always someone else’s fault! Now of course, eliminating such foods from your diet will improve your health, but banning it is not the key! The key to YOUR health is not up to someone else to pass legislation, it is UP TO YOU to make the right choices!! The key is YOU making a choice, and then having the discipline to follow through. We cannot rely on others to make us better, if we aren’t willing to make the changes on our own!

I think this same principle applies to our spiritual lives as well.

How many times do we want other individuals to heal our souls for us? So often we whine about our churches, pastors, ministers and classes. “I’m just not getting fed at church lately” is a term we often hear and often say. Consider this: Maybe we should already be full before we ever step a foot into a sanctuary?!? I understand where this sentiment comes from, and at times there is SOME validity to this….but where does self-responsibility come into play? Aren’t we old enough now to also feed ourselves? How many of us, when complaining, spent ANY time that week studying God’s word for ourselves or praying to him?? We cannot rely on others to push us forward in faith. We need to be putting in the hours ourselves. God tells us there is a time to move away from the milk of babes and start eating meat of an adult. I think one huge way we can take that step is to stop expecting others to make us faithful Christians.

I am not at all trying to negate the need for great preachers and teachers. I think they are vital parts of healthy spirituality. I cannot imagine living without them actually (and plus I really appreciate my job ☺) I just think that we can become TOO dependant on them to do all of our soul’s work for us. Just like the body, we too must exercise our faith! I wish I could get fit simply by watching the SuperBowl…but it simply does not work that way.

Banning McDonalds is NOT going to save us, if we choose to eat garbage at home. And listening to a great sermon is not going to save us if we choose to continue to “eat garbage” at home. Take some time to get to know God YOURSELF……it is vital to your health!

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