Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Silent Art? Silent Spirituality?

I love movies. I love all kinds. I can switch from Fight Club to UP and not miss a beat. I could watch Bridesmaids and then switch to Tree of Life and not lose anything. I like all sorts. So, I was fascinated this week when the awards were handed out at the Oscars. You may have noticed that the film called “The Artist” won most of the major awards. I am really dying to see it. I haven’t yet, so I cannot comment on it right now. On the surface, it you knew nothing of the movie, but just saw a trailer or sign, it makes perfect sense for the academy to choose this. It is French…instant artistic integrity! ☺ It looks artsy and elegant. In just about every way, it fits the expected pattern of award winners. They usually pick a certain type of movie and actually they get it right more times than not. (except of course of a few exceptions like Driving Miss Daisy over Born on the 4th of July, Chicago over The Pianist, Shakespeare in Love over ANYTHING…but especially Saving Private Ryan, or CRASH even being nominated…) But what you may NOT have known is this movie is a total silent film. There is NO dialogue. Yup…….NO ONE TALKS.
So, does the fact that this won surprise anyone else but me? That is mind-blowing to me in our modern culture! We live in an era where the prevailing thought is THE BIGGER THE BETTER. How else can you explain atrocious films like The Transformers being box office hits? We want explosions, stunts, robots, effects, and 3D! The last thing we want is silence. So to see a film of no noise and no special effects win such prestigious awards is amazing.
I believe what we are seeing is a whisper of God’s truth being understood, without many people realizing it. Our God loves silence. He is IN the whispers and gentle breezes! Jesus was a man of silent prayer and solitude. We are commanded to BE STILL. Perhaps my favorite verse on this topic is Psalms 62:1, where it says, "For God Alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation.”
If Hollywood can get it…maybe we followers of Jesus can give it a shot too. Find a quiet place this week. Be still. Wait for God there and thank Him for your salvation. Stop adding to the noise today

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