Saturday, July 19, 2008

God Only Knows What I’d be Without Them

Yesterday was a wonderful day. It stunk in one aspect. My wife and baby daughter left for Portland. Some friends of ours were taking a mother daughter trip for the weekend, and they invited Jessie and Haddie along. So, they went. I am VERY glad, as Jess totally deserved a relaxing and fun getaway. So, that left me, and my 5 yr old son and 3 yr old daughter to "fend for ourselves". We did just fine! J

After a nap, we got suited up and drove to Aunt Melanie's for a swim. The water was cold and felt great. The kids are all over the water in their life jackets and the weather was perfect. It was super fun. Jude wanted to lay on the lounge chairs for awhile. As he lie there taking in the rays, he said the cutest thing……"now this is what I call summer vacation. You bet Jude..this surely is!

Next we came home and got cleaned up and rested a little. For next, was our BIG adventure! We set out for dinner. A healthy smorgasbord from the local Sonic! Then we skipped across town to the Jackson County Fair. Neither of my kids had ever been to a fair so I was not sure if they would like, especially considering how hot it was! Boy was I wrong! It was awesome. First we went into the "ScienceWorks" tent. They had all kinds of cool setups for the kids to play with. We had fun, and it was air conditioned! Next we went to the 4H tents and saw all the smelly animals. Merrick thought that was fun.

Then we got to pick 3 rides. We rode the teacups (much to my tummy's chagrin), the merry-go-round, and last…the caterpillar roller coaster. I wasn't sure about Merrick, but she LOVED LOVED LOVED it. The instant it took off, her hands went flying in the air and she laughed and giggled the whole time! Jude was yelling in joy. It was a great moment! So, after that we got some snow cones and cotton candy and headed over to the amphitheatre. I planned on trying to take the kids to their first concert ever. I wasn't sure how it would go, but it was wonderful.

The newest touring rendition of the Beach Boys was due on stage. Mike Love and his band put on a super fun show! And my kids dug it! "Dad is their CD out yet" Jude asked. J Merrick was jumping and dancing with everyone around us (always the life of ANY party!) and Jude was bobbing his head and clapping to the beat (in a white church of Christ way of course…). Man it was a dream. Towards the end of the set, I tool Merrick to the potty. As she rode on my shoulders I asked if her day was fun. Her reply will forever be burned into my heart. "Daddy, it was everything I dreamed of…" It sure was Merrbear, it sure was…

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