Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Update

Hey guys……it has been awhile huh? I ask you all to be patient with me. I am smack in the middle of SUPER busy season! I survived VBS, then last week we had an AMAZING camp of 130 folks! It was a true blessing! I saw spiritual growth that I had never seen in teens at camp before. I wish you could have all been there. Despite all kinds of attempts by Satan, everyone there was touched and “dared to Move” towards what God calls us to be as His children! On top of all the personal growth we also welcome 5 new Christians to our family! In just over a week we will leave for Portland to work in the filed with the team from PUMP. It is a trip our teens LOVE! They do a great job with it each and every year. So….I am BUSY!

I promise to try and get a few posts in but I cannot guarantee it. But as soon as that is over…and my family and I take some much needed time off together, then I will get back! I pray my few loyal readers are still with me! 

Enjoy a few pics from camp!



pb said...

what did satan try and do?

Brian Pannell said...

he told me to hoe slap you!

pb said...

satan did that once to me. so i stopped believing in him. he hasn't hoe slapped me since.