Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jesus: general contractor

This week we began a small remodel at our home. We are converting our garage into a master bedroom and bathroom. If you know me at all, you may know that I am the MOST MECHANICALLY IGNORANT man alive. I can’t even build with frickin’ leggos! Just being around construction makes my palms sweat and my panic attack reflex go on high alert! :)
So, try and imagine my predicament when I went out to look at it after the 1st day of work. It was dusty and ripped apart. There were holes, ripped out walls and basically a giant mess everywhere. It looked like something in a cheesy insurance commercial. As I looked at it, my only thought was “what a disaster”. Then, “we really messed up. How will we ever fix this?” In my head, this could never be anything other than a mess. It was framed with the potential to be a beautiful room with a little work, but my brain will not work that way. I only saw a mess, hopeless and sad. But the contractor, he saw a beautiful bedroom and bathroom, perfecto live in. It was all a matter of seeing past what was right in front of us…a matter of perspective.
I fear that we often treat our souls and spiritual lives the same way. We only see the mess, and are not able to get past it. As we take a look in the mirror we see the mistakes, bad choices and sins all over the place, and can never imagine us being anything else. We cannot see all the potential that is there. But thankfully, God sees with the eyes of the contractor :)!
It is a matter of “condition vs position”. Our condition may be a sad sinner, but my position is that I am a sinner that is in Jesus Christ….the forgiver of sins and the savior of man!
Don’t let your past mistakes define who you are! Only Christ can do that. Move past what you see, to what you can be! Let God do the work that needs to be done to turn you into something beautiful!
Now, it will cost to get that garage into a livable space, but it can be done. It will cost some sweat and effort, some money and some supplies. It will also cost to change our lives! It will cost more work and time, and ultimately, it cost a life. But rejoice, because the fee has been paid!

What will you become? Will you stay dirty and dusty bound by limited vision, or will you choose to let God work, and watch His glory unfold into something new and beautiful?


Kristi said...

Great message, Brian - Thanks!

tom b. said...

Amen brother! What a timely devotional thought for me and my family. I appreciate you.