Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Year's Eve in Africa

Well……… is New Year’s Eve in Africa. I did not sleep very well last night. I got to talk to the family again for a few minutes. It was good but also broke my heart! Jude was so cute: “Dad I have some bad news”…pause…”The Broncos lost to the Vikings”…….longer pause… “Just joking Daddy, we won in overtime!” J

Today was a really stinky one. Jenna and I got to feeling quite ill. Poor Jenna was puking all day. I never did, but felt like I would at any moment. In hindsight, it was just serious jetlag and dehydration. But it did stink, as I had to watch the rest of the team take off for camp to set up and have fun, while I lay on a couch. I felt SO guilty!

So it was a LOOOONG day. I lay on the Cash’s couch most of it, listening to music and talking with their beautiful kids. As the day progressed, I felt worse. They need Gatorade in Africa!!!!! I REALLY wanted to talk to my wife….she is my “medicine” when I feel sick. I feel like a let down to the team. It is just rotten all around.

Anyway……I made it obviously. I slept in the back room off the kitchen in a tiny portable mosquito tent. Photobucket
I never did sleep, as my mind was reeling. I never did call my wife though. I felt like Uriah the Hittite from II Samuel…”How can I call my wife when my brothers are on the battlefield…. J” So, I never did call. Uneventful day…but I set out to chronicle EVRY day, so you get to suffer through this one!

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