Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beautiful boy

My son goes to “Kindergarten Round-Up” today. He gets to meet his teacher for next year, and hear a little about what school will expect. It is very exciting, but also VERY sad. I just cannot believe the way that time is moving. How is my first born child starting school?

To be honest…it is breaking this Daddy’s heart. I know that he has to grow up. I know that he has to experience life, even the hurts and heartbreaks, but I am not ready for that! I want him to still beg me to sleep with him every night. I want him to still snuggle with his Spidey blanket and suck his thumb when tired. I want him to still need my help getting dressed. I want him to always think kisses from girls are gross. I want him to always choose being with me over friends.

I am proud of the boy he is. He is SO smart. He is loving. He is strong. He knows God. And I am excited to watch who he will become and all the great things he will do. Yet, it is hard letting go little by little each year.

I am so thankful for my kids. My daughter is so beautiful. She is growing old too. Three comes next month! Around the same time, I will have a new daughter. I am grateful for these blessings….and I pray that God teaches me how to always cherish EVERY moment.

Jude….have fun in kindergarten. Be a good boy. Daddy is so proud of you. And yes…I will sleep with you tonight.


Gus said...

Dude, I hear you... it only gets worse... or better.

Noah will be 17 this year, and fininshing High School in the coming school year. There are days I just want to hold him like when he was, well, smaller than me. Hannah, same thing... she's all growed up. BUT... I know the kind of Dad you are. All is not lost. Even at their ages, there are times when they just come up and squeeze me - "Dad, you look like you need a Hug" is a musical phrase I hear from Han frequently, and Noah still gets bent out of shape if I don't make him pause the 360 and hug him before I go to bed (yes, the old guy goes to bed before him... but I get up WAY early...)

Hug the boy, squeeze the girl, rub Mommy's tummy and remember the blessings in the moment forever.

tom b. said...

You're a very good daddy. Not sure what else to say. It makes me sad to think that some day my kids will be less inclined to ask me to snuggle them or hold them like a baby. I say we just enjoy it for as long as humanly possible...

Kenli Shea said...

Congrats on the newest edition to your family, coming soon. You guys going to PSP this summer?