Wednesday, May 28, 2008

few of my favorite things....

list of things that made me happy recently:

In the land of women
I found this quirky little indie-flick and WOW! It had me emotionally drained by the end of it.

This little drink is yummy to my tummy (the "Red Drive" is awesome)

Speed Racer
go see Speed Racer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most fun I have had in a theatre since....well in a LONG time!

For Alice Cooper
I found ol' Alice's radio show at night. It is the MOST random thing I've ever listened to!

the lemonheads
Year after year since about 1991, this band's music has always made me happy and just been "there for me"...long live Evan Dando!

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patrick b. said...

i tried the tiger woods drink. it tastes like gatorade. what gives?