Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Yesterday was a really REALLY nice day! We started off with a visit from the elusive Easter bunny. That was cool, complete with candies, coloring books and bubbles. Sunday service was a quiet reflective hour of nothing but songs and scriptures. I really liked that. For lunch we spent it with some of the best folks we know: Teh McCords, Scotts and Fairs. We feasted and had blast. It was awesome. After lunch and fellowship, despite the urge for a nap......we had a HUGE easter egg hunt in the rain...OREGON STYLE!

It was a blessed day. I hope yours was as well. Here are some pics you may enjoy from it:

Ladykiller Photobucket
Sibling lovePhotobucket
Making the perfect egg
"best eggs ever!" Photobucket
Hard work being so lovely Photobucket
But oh SO worth it! Photobucket
Another beauty queen Photobucket
"mirror mirror on the wall" Photobucket
Dad's treasure Photobucket
My precious Photobucket
"I found some!" Photobucket
"I found one too!" Photobucket

Life is full of blessings and trials. but days liek today remind us all....Life is beautiful and God is good


Anonymous said...

I was ANXIOUSLY awaiting pictures, you always have the best Easter picts. Miss you all. Love, Mema

Master Jude said...

it was a good 1