Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Shuffle

Mondays find me hard to get inspired. Weary from Sunday, it takes awhile to get going. So, it is essential that the perfect tunes find their way to my ears to get me jumpstarted! Here is what Itunes shuffle brought this AM:

Bone China- Mother Love Bone
Summersong- The Decemberists
Tourette's- Nirvana
Crazy- Ray LaMontagne
Wake Up- The Arcade Fire
Reputation- Derek Webb
Said Too Much- needtobreathe
Billie Jean- Michael Jackson
Am I Only?- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Unemployable- Pearl Jam
Asssasin- Muse
The Sun Maid- Soul Asylum
Biko- Peter Gabriel
Communication Breakdown- Led Zeppelin
Mystery- Phil Wickham

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