Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

i wrote this one a few years bacK

Good Friday
A question I can’t fully grasp, too deep to comprehend
That one man gave it all away to bring true life to men

A thought that I can’t wrap around, a love that can’t be real
That one mans blood would always serve as my salvations seal

So pain won’t last forever and hope comes when we’ve cried
Just one of many reasons that my savior died

So no man shall be lonely and all shall know a bride
Just another reason that my savior died

To help me run this race of life, to help us turn the tide
While I was still a sinner, yes my savior died

To give me light in darkness, to give my soul a guide
That is one more reason why my savior died

To save the world…to save the lost
To help the helpless, He took the cross

And still I cannot tell you
Can’t explain it if I tried
But God, my God I thank you……….. that my savior died

BP 2006


Shannon said...

Amen to that! Just love your poem..great work! Just finished watching The Passion again..brings me to tears to see what my God did for me! Happy Good Friday to you my brother! Praise The Lord He is Risen!

Britnee said...

this is goood writing! :)
just thought id let you know, thanks for sharing.