Monday, March 10, 2008

1-12-08- The Kid's Hospital


Today started off as a slow day. It was really nice. We woke up a little later than normal for breakfast. After the food (I have never had more “Spanish" Omelettes in my life). We settled our bills with Morris the innkeeper. I so much enjoyed our stay here. The entire bill, even with gift basket souvenirs was only about $260 for the entire week!

Eventually we went to “Missionary Headquarters”, aka the Cash home. After hanging out with the family awhile we went to our last lunch at M.O.M. I will miss the beautiful people, amazing service and Mirindi fruity drink!

Next we ran into town to get cookies for our plans of the day. This is the 1st day I am NOT excited about. We plan on visiting the Children’s hospital. I did to get to drive in town, which was VERY cool!

I did not want to visit the hospital. I LOVE kids, but I cannot handle children in pain. I am very weak here, I know. I knew it was a wonderful thing to do, but my insides were screaming to run!

It was VERY hard when I got there. The place was terrible compared to wheat we call a hospital. Dirt was everywhere. There were no windows so flies were quite prevalent too. The “beds” were rotten and torn up old mattresses. The air was dead and stifling. This is not to put doen the workers here. They were doing the best with what they had, it was just hard. And of course, there were lots of sick beautiful kids there. Some were battling diarrhea or malaria. We met an 8 yr old who still breaks my heart. She was dying of AIDS (both her parents died from the disease). She had the saddest and most empty eyes I have ever looked into. I had to leave the room several times.

The last kids were the worst. Thieves had burned their hut, and the 2 baby boys got trapped in. Their entire bodies were burned horribly. One lay there moaning in pain. It was the worst thing I have ever seen. I felt very helpless. I couldn’t take it. I left and broke down in the courtyard. God, please be there in that place!!!!

It was very good for us to go. We gave them cookies and made them smile. We sang them songs. I feel that we lifted many spirits, but it was very difficult. I struggled with why my life is so blessed. I praise God for a healthy family. I have never known pain like that.

Bless those kids oh Lord.

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