Monday, March 10, 2008

more from Uganda

I apologize for my sporadic postings on Uganda. I vow to get these finished for the 1 or 2 of you who actually care! 2008 has been a really hard year so far. This last week my family was visited again by death. A dear family member lost a child at 20 weeks. We are all in mourning. Please pray for her, and forgive my lazy posting.

So…here we go:


After Breakfast, Matt and I walked to the Cash house. It was a great morning. We spent some time at their house cleaning up all the equipment from Camp. It was nice and relaxing. I also wrestled with the Cash boys.

Much later, we headed back to the church property at Kagote. We set up the HUGE screen for the Jesus Film that night.. It was a very hot and sunny day.
Next, Matt and I got picked to go do some more door knocking. I was glad to go, but it was HOT! And just like yesterday, it was a blessed experience. One lady had us into her tiny little hut. She was so sweet. She shared her faith story and how excited she was to have a church nearby.

After an hour or two, we hit our last house. It was the 1st home where the people were visibly downtrodden and defeated. “How are you” I asked the folks on the porch. The man of the house answered, with a blank expression, “I am here”. No joy. Only apathy. I asked him how his family was. “Somehow fine” was all he could muster. We soon learned why. After they talked with us, we asked to pray for the family and he said “my daughter very sick. Cancer in her face”. So we called her over to pray over her.

I was not prepared fro what we saw. Her face will forever be burned in my memory. She looked like a normal little beautiful girl, somewhere between 6-9, but the right side of her face was HUGE and disfigured by a gigantic tumor. It was terrible. She sat right next to me and I began to pray. I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit, as I am sure He prayed that prayer for me. I’ll never forget her. I wonder today how she is, and what God is doing in that situation.

At 4:00 a very pink Matt and I returned to the church site. We hadn’t eaten since 8:00 am and we were famished. A few locals started to trickle in. They came right into our group like we were best pals. I guess we are!

So anyway…long story short, we plugged in an Ipod to the speakers and started blaring some tunes to draw more in. The heat was a distraction. Many were waiting for more shade to arrive. But, eventually they came. We preached and sang. We taught and played with kids. We set up volleyball net. And, after much fear due to faulty VCR’s, God got the film started.

Once going, Cheryl had sent us some amazing BBQ sandwiches (God bless her!), so we sat under the pavilion up top and ate like pigs in the dark. It was here we could first see the size of the crowd. It was HUGE. Several hundred were there. It was wonderful listening to their reaction to the scenes on the screen.

Afterwards we prayed with anyone who wanted to come forward (that was amazing for me) and we broke things down and headed home.

Just before midnight I settled into my bed at the View. What a day!

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