Wednesday, February 10, 2010

American Family Dreams

The biggest TV show on the planet is back! Despite its’ unfortunate title, I do have to admit that American Idol is quite addictive to watch. It is fun to see talent bloom. It is fun to root for the underdogs. It is great to watch the “All-American” dream story unfold before our eyes. And maybe these are part of the reasons that millions tune in every week.

This year there seems to be a trend of folks with young children trying out with big dreams. And it never fails; each one gets emotional in their post song interview. Their comment is ALWAYS the same: “This will change everything. I am doing this for my family. This is to make a better life for my family.” Or, something to that effect.

I find this sad. We have somehow convinced ourselves today that MONEY and RICHES are all we need for good families. I find these statements so ironic, in the context of American Idol. I find it hard to swallow that winning this show would be good for any family. How could becoming a rock star, and traveling 10 months a year, being away from home EVER be good for a family? But we look over that, and say “but I could buy them and provide them with anything they’d ever want”. I truly believe this is backwards thinking.

When I look at the alarming number of families in our country that are falling apart and splitting up, I ask myself “what do they need”? The answer is NEVER “more money!”. What the families need is time together, love, structure, family time, and the grace of God!

I pray that we NEVER listen to the world’s lie that riches will make our families better. I pray we’d value a game night playing Monopoly with our family MUCH more than landing a record deal! I pray we’d rather take a walk with our loved ones than tour the world on a fancy jet plane! I would take a family that loves the Lord and follows him, and loves one another without fail, over one full of fat trust accounts and bank accounts, any day!

I believe that God values families. And I believe that he wants the best for them. May we commit to them more than ever. In an age when the world is doing everything it can to tear us apart, may we gird ourselves with the strength of God! May we teach our children what is important. May our families be grounded in the truth of God! And may we never look to earthly riches to solve worldly problems. May God bless our families, as we in turn bless God!


Anonymous said...

Good point. That is why I choose to be poor :)

Anonymous said...

maybe you can convince all the American Idol winners to do like this guy did. Cool story.