Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What does PRO LIFE really Mean?

It is a common combination on cars around this part of the country: some blend of Christian stickers (usually a fish and/or some sort of ProLife statement) combined with some sort of Patriotic support of the Wars in the Middle East (often accompanied by Anti-Obama propaganda as well).

I too am pro-life, but my stance is much different than most of these folks I imagine. To me, ProLife is not as black and white and simple as it's often made out to be. To me, ProLife does NOT just cover the unborn, but also those who are currently living as well!

So I wonder how these other folks reconcile a story like this.....


Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that that thinking is backwards, I am just wondering if that is really what people are trying to convey with those bumper stickers. I hope people dont condone the killing of civilians in war. I would hope that is pretty obviously wrong in anyones mind (but i bet its probably not).

however, agree with the war or not, soldiers dying is part of the game, unfortunately. I think people are just supporting the idea of war and fighting for what you believe in (again, not trying to support war and start that conversation). Just pointing out that I agree with you are saying, that prolife should extend outside of the womb :). I just think in some peoples minds, the death of civilians is over looked because they are trying to accomplish a "greater good", whatever that may be, by completing the war.
I dont know, just sort of a thought I had.

Brian Pannell said...

Thanks for the input Judd.......

I think you inadvertently make a good point as well as the good point you meant to make :)

MOST people don't think about this at all...they really do not. I bet if we asked 100 random folks what Pro-Life meant....90% woudl only reference the death of teh unborn. They just don't consider it covering all of God's living creation! If they did I believe they would look VERY differently at all their personal politics and economics.

Anonymous said...

It means the more intelligent you are, the more likely you are to turn your back on the lordship of Jesus Christ.


Why would God make it harder for smart people to go to heaven. I am glad I have marginal intelligence and am saved from the pit of Hell.

Praise God.