Friday, September 24, 2010

Freaky Freakin' Freak Show

Man...the weirdos come out of the woods when Primus comes to town......and I LOVE it! Bass maestro Les Claypool has reunited his old band PRIMUS, and he brought them and their Oddity Faire 2010 to little ol' Medford, OR this week. Of course, those freaks are my peeps, and I HAD to go. MAN IT WAS INSANELY cool and awesome. The weirdos were out in full force. Amongst the crowd of black t-shirts, dirty dread locks, and dickies pants were acrobats and stilt walkers. The first band was called SPLITLIP RAYFIELD. They were great. It was a rugged cow-punk,rockabilly 3-piece (complete with a one-stringed stand up bass made from the fuel tank of an old Ford!) and they were great. Next up was a band called Portugal.The Man. They too were quite stellar. I LOVED their falsetto, "Mars Volta meets Carney" Alaskan sound!
Then...the triumvarite came out and blew us all away! Through the fog of that strange smelling smoke everyone around us was blowing, the Spaceman Themed Stage lit up, and out came Les, Larry and Jay! It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to describe the next 2hours. It was INSANELY wonderful. The musicianship was out of this universe. The song selection was great. It was an otherworldy experience, complete with costume masks, George W Bush montages (during "My Name is Mud") and "Whamola" solos! It was incredible...and I am SO glad I got to experience it. Any fan of music should see them once. Here is their setlist from the night:
1.Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers
2.Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread
3.Tommy The Cat
4.American Life
5.Sgt. Baker
6.Over The Falls
7.Coattails of a Dead Man
8.My Name Is Mud
9.Drum and Whamola Jam
11.Frizzle Fry
12.Here Come The Bastards
13.Harold Of The Rocks
14.Behind My Camel (The Police cover)
15.Groundhog's Day
16.Pudding Time

Thank you Mr. Claypool for dazzling us with your freakiness!

Enjoy some video from the gig:


Tom Bigboy said...

I just want to say that Brian did an excellent job of articulating (if that's even possible) what was the BEST concert experience of my life! So glad I got to enjoy it with my brutha from anutha mutha.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I am so jealous. That is awesome.

Jim said...

Primus rules your face. I feel like I was there. Thanks for sharing.