Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Straight to a Parent's Heart

As a youth minister, this is powerful to me. As a parent, it is even more so! It may offend you...but if so, maybe it's because you feel guilty (like me)? It makes some solid arguments. Give it a read and pray about it :). I'd love to know what you think. Leave a comment. I know that my son LOVES sports, and these fights for our family are just around the corner. I am praying for the right choices now!



Guess Who? said...

Listen Brian.

I’ve known you since you were born. You and I have crossed paths on many occasions. Most of the time you turn your back on me and that kinda ticks me off. But as far as this article is concerned, I must say you are off your rocker. I totally disagree. What better way for the youth of America to express their competitive nature than being involved in as many functions and teams and activities as possible. Stay busy. Keep the schedule packed. Idle hands are the workshop get the picture.

Also, I love it when your Sundays are completely filled to the brim. When every waking moment is scheduled and accounted warms my cold heart. Keep it up!

Your friend,

The Devil

Anonymous said...

Great article Brian! For too long too many parents have bought into the devil's lie of activities over faith development. What does it matter if you avoid idleness only to forfiet your soul? Perhaps we should be more concerned as parents to see the youth for Christ's service, instead of the youth for America's competiveness.

Your friend,

The Angel

Big Mike said...

These two comments made me laugh.