Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mumford and Sons & Worship

I LOVE music. I LOVE worship. So the logical conclusion would be that I LOVE worship music. Well....yes and no. I love to worship God in song and listen to artists who do.......BUT modern music that is blatantly "classified" as worship is not very appealing to me on an artistic level as a whole! Much of it sounds "plastic" for lack of better terms, as if it was mass produced in the "worship music factory". It is formulaic. There are certain melodies and chord progressions that must be used. There are buzzy, Christianese words that MUST be included. So when you throw this all together, it really turns some music snobs such as myself off! :)
(I don't throw it ALL out, I have my fair share of Newsboys, Third Day faves etc)

But, often I find DEEP themes of spirtuality in "secular music". Many of the jams in my Itunes library resonate with God, but never use His name. For me, some of the best "worship" songs will sadly never be sang in a church! Some songs that deeply move my soul are not on what many Christ followers would consider "christian music" albums. Some examples are Son Volt's "Windfall", John Lennons "Gimme Some Truth", Sam Phillips "One Day Late", Coldplays' "Fix You", Neutral Milk Hotel's "The King of Carrot Flowers", Juliana Hatfield's "For the Birds" and many many more......

So recently when I was introduced to the music of Mumford & Sons, I was BLOWN AWAY with child-like giddiness. Deep within many of the tunes on their amazing record SIGH NO MORE, are lyrics and sounds that scream out to my soul! It is worship stuff man! So I was ecstatic to read this story, and wanted to share it with you:


I'd love to hear your favorite songs of inspiration! Please share!
Mumford and sons. Pictures, Images and Photos


tim said...

I love Mumford and Sons. Great stuff. I'll have to read that a piece! Never heard of Neutral Milk Hotel. I'll check them out.

Anonymous said...

Pearl Jam - Backspacer

It's a spiritual experience every time I listen to the album.

Brian Pannell said...

nice call Matt!

bigmike said...

I would say if it is worship, what or who is it worshiping? If it isn't worshiping the God who sent Jesus Christ to be a sacrifice for my sins, I would have to say no way.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever listened to Steven Curtis Chapman?

Kile Thompson said...

These Stones Will Shout by The Raconteurs. I definitely hear a conversation about recognizing God and struggling with faith when I listen to the song and well, obviously there is the scriptural reference in the title and chorus. Also, I love Neutral Milk Hotel. King of Carrot Flowers is haunting.

Brian Pannell said...

thats just it Big Mike...the songs I listed ARE worshiping THAT God! Listen to these lyrics:
"Trying to make it far enough, to the next time zone.Few and far between past the midnight hour I
Never feel alone, you're really not alone...May the wind take your troubles away,May the wind take your troubles away---WINDFALL BY SONVOLT!
Life has kept me down I’ve been growing underground Now I’m coming up When time opens the earth
You’ll see love has been moving all around us Making waves
Help is coming
Help is coming one day late
One day late After you’ve given up and all is gone
Help is coming one day late
Help is coming one day
Ah, I'm sick to death of hearing things
from uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrites
All I want is the truth now
Just gimme some truth now
just a FEW examples. I think God is in places we forget to look!
Simply CREATING art is a way of worship!
I DO like 10th Ave North and that Ike Graul guy :)

Becky Lee said...

I think that ultimately in worship God wants us to lay our souls bare; whether we're desperate and doubtful of our faith or strong in our faith and giving him glory. So...I consider it worship if I hear a song that awakens my soul and if I lay that before God. He's not picky. He just wants us. Whether we are screaming at him or telling him he's wonderful, he just wants our hearts to be turned toward him and to be honest. If a song can evoke that in us, then I believe it is a form of "worship".

That being said, I've never understood why they don't play "You Found Me" by The Fray on christian stations but they play "How to Save a Life" by The Fray. I love love love the message in You Found Me, but they don't play it because...God is smoking a cigarette? Symbolism, people

Big Mike said...

This might be just me, but I find those lyrics very poetic and nice, but vague.

This is where I tend to be out of sync with a lot of my friends because I gravitate outside of being this inclusive. It gets me in hot water with them and I often feel rejected for maintaining a more conservative, "scripture-oriented" view. How would one know if these words were about Jesus?

Brian Pannell said...

You are not REJECTED to me.....
We are free to have opinions my friend! I respect that, and understand where you come from! I see your point....but that is where I find redemption and wonder....in the fact that the listener is feeling the call of God, maybe without even knowing it. Sometimes He is in the whispers and gentle winds, and not the "thunder",or in the song by David Crowder (who is insanely talented).
How about we meet in the middle here. :)
Lyrics from Neutral milk Hotel's "King of Carrot Flowers"
I love you Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ I love you
Yes I do

And on the lazy days
The dogs dissolve and drain away
The world it goes
And all awaits
The day we are awaiting

Brian Pannell said...

GREAT post Becky! Very well worded! I am impressed! I too think YOU FOUND ME has deep spiritual insight....one of my faves

Big Mike said...

You're right, Brian. I do like that one.

And thanks for saying you don't reject me. I have a feeling I will never be fully accepted in the church because many are going very postmodern and leaving behind any semblance of conservatism thus leaving me behind.

It's hard because the ultra-conservative wing doesn't accept me either. I have filled out numerous job apps and have been rejected for being either too liberal (by the ultra-cons) or too conservative (by the "mainstream").

And the things my friends are saying about the church I tend to disagree with...thus I am nearly alone.

It sucks.

Becky, I like You Found Me too.