Monday, September 13, 2010

No go for Kindergarden

Today was SUPPOSED to be my precious Merr Bear's 1st day of school. Today she was to embark into the world of kindergarden. But...alas, it is a no go :(

She woke up REALLY sick last night, having a serious struggle to breathe, and quite frankly scared the crap out of us! She seems a little better today. She is praying to get better and into her classroom! She is so excited to start. last week she went to an assement they have for all incoming students. When the teacher brought her out she told me "We decided that she is the ONE student we are ALL fighting for this year. Everyone wants her in our class. That smile and energy just lit up the whole room!".....boy was I a proud daddy, and I have to say I totally agree :)

Here she is on her 1st sick day:

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