Monday, April 21, 2008

Gift Wrapped Jesus

My friend sent me this video. It REALLY makes you think. We want everythign neatly packaged and convenient. We don't want to have to break a sweat. Has our generation forgotten that we sometimes need to work for blessing?



patrick b. said...

what does "we sometimes need to work for blessing" mean?

Brian Pannell said...

Maybe " for benefits" may have been better wording. But the principle is that we always want the benefits and good fruits but we rarely want to work for them.

tom b. said...

"With all due respect Jesus, I don't think you're cut out for religion..." Loved that line. Great poem. BTW, I know what you meant by "we sometimes need to work for blessing" and I'm pretty sure you do too Mr. patrick b. You've always been intelligent and a thinker but steer clear of religious pretense please. We both know Pannizle has his heart firmly placed in the Maker's hands and we need to trust that He can guide His own.