Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hide and Seek

Last Sunday night, the teens and I went to the Craterian Theater downtown. We quietly walked in. Our purpose was to support our friend Trey Allen as he performed a vocal solo. It was very cool to see an entire youth group basically take up a whole row in this theater.

The night was nice. Several kids sang songs. Others played some beautiful music. Much talent was displayed. Trey was the next to last performer, so we sat through just over an hour of solos before he took the stage. He looked great in his tux. He looked just like the Trey we all knew and loved.

But, when Pavarotti, I mean Trey :) began singing in German, it was NOT the young man we all knew. He was fantastic! We had heard him sing praise songs in class and even joke around in Karaoke, but NEVER had we heard him like this! It was a wonderful discovery of hidden talent. What an amazing surprise!

I wonder what hidden gifts may hide beneath the surface in those folsk all around us? I am sure we have some amazing teachers that have yet to step up in front of us. Surely there are great preachers in our midst. Future elders must walk our classrooms. The next great theologian just may sitting next to you. And who do we talk to each week not knowing how they may change the world someday?

I want to encourage each of us to step out of our comfortable boxes and try something new for our King! I don’t think we can ever grow in the ways that we would like until more of us are willing to lead in new areas. God has promised us great gifts in Him, and it is up to us to discover and use them. How exciting!

Don’t let fear hold us back! Let us be that “city on a hill” that Jesus described. Let us put these God given talents on display! Trey can use this new found gift to improve his life and the lives of others, but what if he had never chosen to try and sing? My brothers and sisters, we are all called to sing!

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