Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Idol Gives Back (for Tom's reading pleasure)

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So, I am still thinking about that “Idol Gives Back” last week. I am not sure what I think. I appreciated Bono, because I truly think he is a wonderful humanitarian (he is looking OLD man!). I liked Annie Lennox too. But what was the rest of it? It was an odd show of what I think may have been hypocrisy. And, it was just plain strange.

Let me share some “highlights”. For one, I had never seen this sensation known as Miley Cyrus (Hanna Montana) before. One performance would have been enough, but oh no…we were blessed by 2! (thank GOD for DVR fast forward). It was troubling…that girl, who is supposedly the role model for an entire generation of little girls was writhing and gyrating on that stage, for no apparent reason, like the next Brittany Spears. WEIRD. Miley Cyrus Idol Gives Back
I liked how they kept talking about the terrible poverty in the world but Snoop Dogg (yes a once murder suspect turned humanitarian) performed with a diamond encrusted microphone. So did another female singer…I think it was Mariah Carey. I wonder if they know that most likely 10 of those little African kids they want to raise money for probably died or were seriously maimed in a diamond field for that stupid mic!

Fergie (aka blight of humanity) performed with Heart. Once again thank you Lord for DVR fast forward. That was just wrong, and I think I saw her do a cartwheel or something?!?!?!?!? I don’t remember much more, as I was either dozing off or blatantly ignoring it.

The strangest moment came at the end though I hear (I was asleep for this part) as a chorus sang “Shout to the Lord” on national television (wow!!!) but was followed directly after by Ben Stiller and a bleeped out cursing tirade. What is that????? Even if they had not just sung a worship song, this is a family show…save that for somewhere else! The next night all the finalists sang the same song, even including “Jesus” in the words. I was amazed and glad, but also aware it was a marketing scheme. I mean they know their target market. Who is going to give to homeless and Africans? American Christian audience that’s who!

It was just all a little odd to me. I truly do appreciate when celebrities use their fame for good. That is SO cool to me. Bono is sincere. I thought Brad Pitt and Annie Lennox were too (her performance was the only good one of the night I thought). And I believe this raised a ton of money fro some good causes…..but it just felt WEIRD. That is all I can say to describe it. Last year seemed off the cuff, inspired and heartfelt. This year all came across as packaged and a little trite. I would love to hear what you guys think.


tom b. said...

Well thank you for posting something. I have to be honest though, I've never watched anything Idol...ever. Not to be snobbish, just never have. I can only imagine what you're talking about and it doesn't surprise me in the least that these fools were trying to raise money using sex, bling, "edgy" language, and Jesus. Whatever they can do to raise money to make themselves look like humanitarians. I'm kinda fed up with "humanitarians" anyway. I'd be more impressed with some humans acting like the One whom created them.

patrick b said...

i find it way too easy for me to judge the motives and actions of others. i ride a high horse.

kristi w said...

I appreciate this post. As the mom of a Miley fanatic, I watch that girl closely for signs of Brittney-dom. I recently watched the Barbara Walters special and the Kids Choice Awards, two shows that I would normally avoid like the plague, to investigate if Miley is someone I want my 7-year-old to emulate. I have been very impressed with her in those avenues - she gives glory to God, speaks of being a light, and how her strong faith is her anchor. Then I see her dancing on AI. The mixed messages are hard to ignore. I'm sure it's hard for her - and other Christian celebrities - to be Jesus in such a foul industry. I hope for her, and my daughter's sake frankly, that she can.

patrick b. said...

btw. i've never watched this show of which you speak...so i cannot condone or condemn.

on a side note, i cannot condone or condemn on-stage gyrations. she could have epilepsy and may be hiding the fact behind a mask of thick makeup and sequence.

btw. i've never watched AI...but i did watch the barbara walters interview of cyrus. she seems as grounded as can be expected from a multi-million dollar pop-tart starlet.

btw. i love this blog. you speak from the heart. very cool.