Friday, April 18, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things....

My new tradition I decided was to put up a post each weekend of the things that humored, inspired, touched and generally entertained me the previous week. Here are a few things from this one:

I really have to admit that I like the new POD album. The track "Tell Me Why" is gorgeous and the lyrics cut me deep.

the office
Thank heavens the writers strike is OVER! The 1st 2 new episodes have been classic!

WOW! This book is really making me think!

Eli Stone
The season finale was SOOO good! Please come back soon Eli!

This movie REALLY screwed with my emotions. It is heartbreaking to see what a cavalier and apathetic attitude many kids have toward sex and pregnancy. It too though was beautiful, heartbreaking AND redemptive all at the same time.


patrick b said...

i sat and read a good chunk of rapture ready in a B&N the other day. great book. it doesn't mock. it simply places a mirror in front of the consumer christian culture. it made me laugh and think about when i used to be a fundamentalist evangelical christian. sucking up every album and throwing out all of my "secular" music. i completely understand the mindset.

people who take the words of jesus seriously. who want to raise their children to love and forgive. who value peace. these people are poorly served by this billion dollar industry. someone needs to overturn the money changing tables.

tom b. said...

OK Brian, you are officially fired from being my friend. I just watched Juno (at work) and cried my eyes out. Dang it! That movie punched me right in the junk!!!