Thursday, August 14, 2008

Haddie SunShine

Our newest addition to the Pannell family is the source of much joy. Despite 2 A.M. wake ups, dirty diapers and everything in between, she is the most popular Pannell these days! This last week she has started smiling profusely (which of course could melt the polar ice caps)and now she has begun to talk like crazy. She will look right at you and just coo and caa in the cutest way. I cannot describe to you how great that child wants to talk to me!!

I wonder if God feels this same emotion when we finally break down our pride and decide to talk to Him? I like to imagine Him jumping for joy singing "they want to talk to me!"

My Kids teach me so much...We love you Hadassah


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Hol&J said...

She's a cutie!

I agree, I do think that God is overjoyed when we finally decide to let Him in our lives. When we really talk to Him, not just when things are bad, but always.