Monday, August 18, 2008

Patch Over Our hearts

Last night our youth group had to say goodbye to a dear friend. Patrick is leaving us to move to AR. A move is always hard, but the circumstances and suddenness of this one has made it extra difficult. If you know Patrick, you know what a loss we are feeling. He is a wonderful young man, the kind of student that we youth minister’s dream about! He is so kind to others. He is amazingly giving and loving to young kids such as my own son Jude, who worships the ground Patrick walks on! He is smart and funny. He participates in everything. He respects all adults. He is a big leader in our youth group which is kinda’ small right now, and his loss will be felt, BIG TIME! I love Patch very much. I am going to miss him dearly. So Patch my friend…..Godspeed, and all of God’s blessings we wish on you. I will love you forever my friend.

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Rals said...

BP, that's a sad, sad story about Patrick. I really liked that kid. But we'll be glad to welcome him to the South!