Monday, August 25, 2008

Playin’ With the Big Kids

My son Jude has grown up in the most of teenagers. While many in the world may find this a negative, I have to say what a sheer blessing it has been in our life. The teens treat him like a friend. They build him up, and they make him feel special. Last night was a reminder. We had beach volleyball night after evening services. I was expecting a small crowd, but much to my delight, 26 folks showed up! It was super fun! And Jude came along, expecting to watch. The kids all invited him to play and there he was smack in the middle of the sand running around, diving, having the time of his life! To them it was nothing, just a little kid running around, maybe a little in the way even. But to Jude…it was EVERYTHING! You could not have wiped that smile pasted on his face off if you had tried! He talked about it all night, and this morning.

I remember being young. The folks you looked up to the most were the "big kids" (the teens). They were everything by which you measured fun and cool. And for most of us, if you could even get them to LOOK in your direction, it was the best day ever, much less have them acknowledge you and invite you into their world! Jude has been blessed with such a ticket. It means so much to him, and I am SO grateful. Thanks teens….Jude really truly loves you, and so does his Dad.

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