Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Faith Quest 2008

What a great year it was at Yamhill. Tired and weary from the summer, I left for the trip not really wanting to go. What a mistake that would have been! It was a wonderful weekend. The speakers were incredible. Jeff, my friend was his usual amazing story telling, convicting, God's truth, bold speaking self. Chris Goldman may just have more huevos J than any preacher I have ever heard! He was BOLD, funny and convicting! Together they made a great duo. The praise team this year……..WOW!!!!!!!!! Man they were back! I think we got a glimpse of singing with the angels in the throne room of God! It is a joy to hear 400 teens singing their hearts out, hands lifted to the sky, eyes close, madly in love with their God. I get to see sides of my kids that are hidden at home. The breakout classes were fantastic too. Every one there took a Spiritual Gifts test. I do not think many of them had ever done that and it was a joy to watch them light up and realize God had gifted them and just what they could do with that! My favorite time of the weekend was when we broke into our own group. This 40 minutes together meant the world to me. We cried, laughed, cried more, prayed etc……I think some true healing began and some great plans were laid. So…….if you ever get the chance to go to Faith Quest, I strongly recommend that you do. There is a freedom to worship and serve there you most likely will not find in your church. It is a special place.

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jon zebedee said...

i wonder if god has a throne room or if that was a metaphor.\

singing is cool.