Saturday, January 23, 2010

Left Side……Strong Side

Last night was really special. T he girls fell asleep early and Jude was wide awake, so he asked if we could have a "boy's night". That is code for, a movie, unhealthy snack and staying up late. Being that it was Friday, I figured why not J. So, we began looking for a movie. He was not in the mood for a cartoon, but wanted a "Big Kid Movie". So I had an idea! Seeing his love of football, and the fact that despite all my efforts, he is growing older by the day, I had the PERFECT flick: REMEMBER THE TITANS

Remember the Titans Pictures, Images and Photos


So, we got a bowl of sherbet, a soft, warm blanket and settled in. It was a special night. I decided I was going to attempt to make it a teaching moment. Which of course means that I have the potential to really make a special moment or fail on an epic scale! J Luckily, it was not the latter option. Seeing as how we'd just celebrated MLK Day, we had a talk about racism and civil rights before starting. He knew much more than I thought. I was impressed with his teacher. So with the stage set, we popped in the DVD.

It was a GREAT evening. He was ABSORBED into the film, like I had never seen. He was sucked in! Periodically I would stop the movie to make sure he understood and discuss certain things. Rather than complaining about this, like he normally would, we engaged in some very detailed conversations. When I asked him to explain what Coach Boone's speech at Gettysburg meant to him, I was floored by his heartfelt and mature answer!

As the movie continued it was a joy to watch him moved so emotionally. He was deeply saddened when Gerry was hurt. When they won he'd jump up and clap as if he were at the game! Clearly, this was the right choice for the movie!

At the end he thanked me for watching it and we closed with another talk. He hugged me and said I was the best dad in the world. For my money……that is just about the best night I could dream of. It is harder than I imagined watching your kiddos grow up so fast. But last night also taught me too…….that it is also a wonderful blessing to watch them grow up, and make good decisions, and do good with their lives.

Thank you Lord, for my beautiful family.


JuddMc said...

Very cool! He is such a smart, mature little man!

dena said...

That made me cry. He is such a special little soul!