Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Listen to the Music

My middle daughter Merrick is our artist. She loves to sing, dance and create. She works off emotion. She FEELS life. She exudes a light and beauty.

One thing I love about her is the way she listens to music. All of our kids dig the jams….but she listens differently. Jude likes to rock, and could care less what a song says. Haddie shakes her booty at any beat…but Merrick….she really gets tied up in the song. She emotionally connects. She ALWAYS wants to know. "What is this about" "Why are they sad" What did he do to make her angry?" Her perception of such things is actually a little eerie…NOTHING gets by her!

Here is an example that took place today while driving: We had the GLEE soundtrack playing (insert insulting joke here J). The song was Keep Holding On (apparently by Avril Lavigne). "What does this mean dad" Merrick asked. "Umm…..it's about not feeling sad or alone and always hoping, and not giving up". "Why would anyone feel that way Dad? That is sad. We shouldn't give up". Next we heard "You Keep me hanging On"…the old Motown classic. Once again…."what does this mean Dad". ME: "Well……a girl likes a guy but he won't tell her he loves her, so she wants him to leave her alone." "Why won't he just tell her?" ME: "I am not sure". "He probably really does love her; sometimes boys just don't talk much". OKAY J

"TURN IT UP NOW DAD…I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE"……..me too MerrBear, me too J



Rachel McCord said...

ha, a girl after my own heart...

Anonymous said...

Merrick is such a sweetheart. You are right, she exudes light. What a wonderful gift. You are such a great dad, (Jude is right) and Jessie is a wonderful compliment to you. Keep showing the world how to parent. Love, Mema