Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Luddites Unite!

I love technology. It amazes me, and I love the way to makes my life easier. I also, know that we rely on it WAY TOO much. If we are honest, we really struggle to function any more without it! Let your Tivo, internet and cell phone all go out in the same day and see what happens. We’d go nuts, running around in circles like lost puppies. As good as technology is, it is also killing us slowly…I am convinced of this.

Recently God proved this to me. I was at a conference away from family and familiar things. But I knew that I always had my life line to the outside world. At any time I could use my cell phone or log on to my trusty Macbook! But something happened. A tragedy! It was total devastation! My soul wept! No…there was no sickness or death. I forgot my phone charger which died within hrs of arriving and there was no internet available (this is 2010 right?) YIKES! What was I going to do?

It is confession time. At first I was REALLY upset over this. I worried and fretted. I was just sure that my week was ruined. But a weird thing happened…….NOTHING. That’s right! The day kept going; I kept breathing and all was well. Slowly and painfully, I learned I could survive without it.

I am convinced this was all divinely planned. For a week, I experienced some silence. No blogs, texts or facebook. In other words: NO DISTRACTIONS! Looking back, I am convinced that it helped me focus and take in more. It forced me to breathe slower and take in the day fully. It reenergized my soul as I focused on all God was doing at the conference.

There truly is something to eliminating noise on our world, as hard as that is. Maybe God knew what He was saying when He commanded us to “Be still and know that HE is God”!

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