Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rollin' on the River...

Well….the new year is upon us. One of my resolutions is to actually try and start blogging again. Not JUST pictures of families and music updates, but putting my senseless ramblings and thoughts out on “virtual paper”. I have MUCH to share in me right now. I just got back from the National Conference on Youth Ministry and it gave me a LOT to chew on! So, hopefully I can digest it all and share it with you.

While at the conference (in St. Louis, MO), that part of the country was experiencing an unprecedented wave of extreme cold. The air each night was wet, windy and artic icy! In the mornings it was single digit temperatures. The evenings never got out of the 20’s. It was stinkin’ cold!!!!

I took some time while there to do some sightseeing. The arch, downtown, etc…..It was very interesting, educational and fun. But what struck me most was a simple natural phenomenon. The Mississippi river was full of ice!!!!!!! How crazy! It looked like Dutch harbor or something. I grew up on the same river (downstream and warmer mind you) and had never IMAGINED it looking like this.

Turns out, I was not the ONLY one who was amazed. Folks could not believe it. Everyone was buzzing about it, even taking pictures. The bridges became windows to a whole new scene. And while any other day, thousands would drive right over and not give the mighty river a second thought, suddenly it was all we cold focus on! A change made all the difference in the world and changed our focus.

That’s how I want 2010 to be remembered in my life. I know that many folks know me and pass right by noticing nothing significant. Just another face in a sea of faces. But there are some changes I want to make in my life. Some BIG ones.

And this is the result I am praying for. I want these same folks to see such big changes that they have to stop and stare at the “ice”, if you will. So stay tuned…….. We will see how this pans out. But I am convinced that God has much more in store for me than I account and budget for. I am convinced I could do much more for His kingdom! And I am convinced that I CAN make these changes.

This is my desire. This is my prayer.
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