Thursday, November 8, 2007

Outdoor Type

As I was just sitting in my church office a song called “Outdoor Type” by one of my favorite bands The Lemonheads played on my computer. It hadn’t heard it in awhile. The lyrics are funny. It is about a guy who lied to get a girl (who would ever do that :)). She wanted a dude that was the “outdoor type”. So he lied about being able to camp, rock climb, build a fire and mountain bike. He sings “too afraid to let you know ‘cuz you knew what you were looking for. So I lied until I fit the bill…but God bless the great indoors”. It is a good song and it makes me smile.

In many ways, it reminds me of my relationship with God and His kids (aka all of you reading). Many times, I think we try to do this same thing with other Christians. We can say the things that we think others want to hear in order to believe we are holy. We know all the latest church buzz words to sound like eager servants. I can speak “Christianese” with the best of ‘em! Yet our actions, when we are alone, do not always reflect those of a Christian. We can “lie until we fit the bill” in a crowd, if you will, but our speech, viewing choices, thoughts, internet choices etc. tell a different story.

We’ve been studying James in the HS class I teach. I am convicted more than ever about what reveals our TRUE selves. It is our actions! Our speech! Our choices etc.! James says the word of God should be like a mirror for those of us who follow Him. When we read his word, we should be able to see ourselves in it. It is my desire to live a life where I will never have to stretch any truth to show people who I serve. Live lives of honest service for our wonderful Savior.

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