Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Radio fun

This morning as I drove to work I waivered between 2 radio stations. One was the local Christian station and the other a local alternative rock station. Each was talking about and hyping up their most current promotion/contest.

The Christian station was giving away to one "lucky" contestant, the chance to go to the mecca of greed, a.k.a. Mall of America, for an all expenses paid Christmas shopping trip. The rock station, after playing the newest Marilyn Manson song (not really, but it added effect huh? :)), had a promotion where one of their DJ's is on the roof of a huge outdoor sporting goods store here in town. he's been there for 24 hrs, and will nto come down until they raise $3000 in donations for a local toy drive for the underprivildged. it just me, or is there somethign perversly wrong with this order? You tell me what you think.

1 comment:

jon zebedee said...

it goes to show you that christians have more fun!!

let the dead bury their dead, baby.